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Q: infancy physical changes
A: An infant's physical development infant begins at the head, then moves to other parts of the body (for example, sucking comes before sitting, [ which comes before walking). Newborn - 2 months Can lift and turn the head when lying on his or her back Hands are fisted, the arms are flexed Neck is unable to support the head when the infant is pulled to a sitting position Primitive reflexes
include: Babinski reflex - toes fan outward when sole of foot is stroked Moro reflex (startle reflex) - extends arms then bends and pulls them in toward body wit a brief cry;, often triggered by loud sounds or sudden movements Palmar hand grasp - infant closes hand and "grips" your finger Placing - leg extends when sole of foot is touched Plantar grasp - infant flexes the toes and forefoot Rooting and sucking - turns head in search of nipple when cheek is touched and begins to suck when nipple touches lips Stepping and walking - takes brisk steps when both feet are placed on a surface, with body supported Tonic neck response - left arm extends when infant gazes to the left, while right arm and leg flex inward, and vice versa 3 - 4 months Better eye-muscle control allows the infant to track objects Begins to control hand and feet actions, but these movements are not fine-tuned. The infant may begin to use both hands, working together, to accomplish tasks. The infant is still unable to coordinate the grasp, but swipes at objects to bring them closer Increased vision allows the infant to tell objects apart from backgrounds with very little contrast (such as a button on a blouse of the same color) Infant raises up (upper torso, shoulders, and head) with arms when lying face down (on tummy) Neck muscles are developed enough to allow the infant to sit with support, and keep head up Primitive reflexes have either already disappeared, or are starting to disappear ]
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