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What event led to bloodshed in Missouri after it had declared itself neutral in the war? Osceola was attacked by Jayhawkers. Nathaniel Lyon seized an arsenal for the North. The Missouri National
Guard attacked St. Louis. Baxter Springs was burned to the ground by Quantrill's Raiders.
There was a lot of debate over whether Missouri should become a slave state or not. With lots of pressure form both the north and the south, the state declared itself neutral.
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Weegy: B. User: The group from Missouri that practiced guerilla warfare and sympathized with the South was called _____. :) Weegy: Since there weren't any "Missouri Raiders" in the Vietnam War (officially anyway), then it's got to be Quantrill's Raiders fighting in the border states of Kansas and Missouri during the US Civil War. [ They were called guerrillas, raiders, and mostly "bushwhackers" by the men from that era. They supposedly were NOT sanctioned by the Confederacy (meaning not recognized as legal combatants). Technically, under the letter of the law, they could've been executed whenever they were captured since they were not protected as legal combatants (technically this also applied to the Confederacy since they weren't recognized by the US Gov't either...hence no declaration of war against them by the US Gov' act that would've "recognized the CSA as a legitimate country ] (More)
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