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The first stage of memory is sensory store. Sensory store occurs when the brain stores information from the things that we sense. The information acquired in the first stage of the memory process
is lost in a very short period of time, just a second or so. The second stage of memory is the short-term memory also referred to as the working memory. The short-term memory selects information that a person has paid attention to and stores it. Memories are kept in the short-term memory much longer than in the sensory stage and with more concentration will be logged into the long-term memory, which is the final stage in the memory process. The long-term memory has a limitless storage capacity and the ability to store some information indefinitely. By understanding how the memory works processing the things we learn will be easier and more effective. As students we will be able to store the lessons we learn and retrieve them from our memory to use when we need to. what do you think about this?
I believe that to extent that what you are saying is true. Your memory is like riding a bike once you learn it only takes some practice to ride again. [ But in some cases it also is determined in how much studying that person did and how in depth they paid attention to the subject. But with all things if you learned it well it will come back to you. ]
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Asked 2/25/2011 3:38:56 PM
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