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Q: Should the Constitution be amended to limit representatives, senators, and members of the judiciary to 12 years of total service?
A: yes.I believe 12 years is just about right for a few reasons. [ It took 12 years to corrupt a mostly Republican Congress, with the exception of Jumpin' Jim Jeffords defection. Congress allocated a record $71.77 billion in 2006 to 15,832 special projects, more than double the $29.11 billion spent on 4,155 pork-barrel projects in 1994, when Democrats last controlled Congress, according to the
nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. Power corrupts. The longer that they serve, the more power that they accumulate from seniority. Sheets Byrd is legendary for his skill with the Senate's Rules as well as getting pork for West Virginia. Senator Ted Stevens was appointed to the U.S. Senate in 1968. "He has since been re-elected six times." Who can forget his "hissy fit" over the bridge to nowhere? "Consider House Majority Leader Tom Delay?s stunning assertion the day before Bush spoke from New Orleans that 11 years of GOP control of Congress has 'pared [government] down pretty good.'" Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) has been in Congress since 1955. He and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) apparently used the suspension calendar to get H.R. 2640 bill passed by a voice vote. H.R. 2640 is a massive expansion of the Brady Gun Control law, according to the GOA. I don't want lunatics with firearms as much as the next person, but turning over a fundamental right and personal information to error prone computer systems deserves debate and a recorded vote, IMHO. (Anything that makes Chuck Schumer enthusiastic, should make anyone who loves liberty suspicious. The provisions in the final bill need close examination.) ]
rathipearl|Points 207|
Asked 12/11/2012 8:21:08 AM
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