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Q: Identify current policies, frameworks and influences on the early years.
A: This framework starts from an analysis of the type of experiences that will support positive outcomes for children, based on evidence from research and from work with parents and children. [ This provides the basis for a new vision for early years that reflects the high ambitions that the Scottish Government and local government have for early years. The vision establishes a new
conceptualisation of early years ? that children should be valued and provided for within communities; the importance of strong, sensitive relationships with parents and carers; the right to a high quality of life and access to play; the need to put children at the centre of service delivery; to provide more support through universal services when children need it; and that children should be able to achieve positive outcomes irrespective of race, disability or social background. Parents and communities play a crucial role in outcomes for children. That role needs to be valued by parents and communities themselves, but also supported by the community planning process. The vision also highlights the importance of high quality, flexible and engaging services delivered by a valued and appropriately qualified workforce in delivering the ambitions of this framework. Putting the vision into action These ambitions cannot be achieved by a business as usual approach. Transformational change is required, and 10 elements of transformational change have been identified. These are: ? a coherent approach; ? helping children, families and communities to secure outcomes for themselves; ? breaking cycles of poverty, inequality and poor outcomes in and through early years; ? a focus on engagement and empowerment of children, families and communities; ? using the strength of universal services to deliver prevention and early intervention; ? putting quality at the heart of service delivery; ? services that meet the needs of children and families; ? improving outcomes and children?s quality of life through play; ? simplifying and streamlining delivery; ? more effective collaboration. For more: ]
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Asked 4/14/2012 6:38:09 AM
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