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If you are standing between the inland side of the primary frontal dune and the beach, what zone are you in? a. AE zone b. V zone c. X zone d. Coastal A zone
Weegy: b. V zone User: Areas that are subject to inundation by a flood that has a one percent probability of being equaled or exceeded in any given year are called: a. V zones b. Special Flood Hazard Zones (SFHAs) c. BFEs d. Coastal A zones Weegy: Vzones User: Which of the following should be avoided in coastal areas subject to wave impact? a. Freeboard above the BFE b. Elevation on pilings c. Continuous-perimeter wall foundations d. Continuous load path from roof to foundation Weegy: d. Continuous load path from roof to foundation User: Current FIRMs do not account for: a. Potential loss of protective dunes during the 100-year flood. b. Long-term erosion. c. Historical trends. d. Topographic information. Weegy: Current FIRMs do not account for: a. Potential loss of protective dunes during the 100-year flood. User: Coastal sediment budget refers to: a. The amounts and rates of shoreline accretion vs. shoreline erosion within a defined region. b. The process of weighing costs and benefits of mitigation strategies. c. The relative pro’s and cons of beach nourishment and dune restoration projects. d. The amount of financing a community commits to beach preservation. Weegy: The term "Hazard Mitigation" describes actions that can help reduce or eliminate long-term risks caused by natural hazards, or disaster, such as floods, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and earthquakes. [ [ After disasters, repairs and reconstruction are often completed in such a way as to simply restore damaged property to pre-disaster conditions. Weegy!! ] ] (More)
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Asked 10/15/2012 11:07:45 PM
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