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In paragraph,Explain why the earth's temperatures differ between the equatorial and polar regions
Weegy: The tilt of the Earth's axis causes the difference in temperature between the Equator and Earth's polar regions. [ While the Equator receives direct light from the sun at all times of the year, the tilted axis prevents the poles from receiving such prolonged exposure. The tilt causes various other effects, such as the extreme length of day and night at polar locations. Read more: Why Is it Hot at the Equator But Cold at the Poles? | ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 1/20/2013 9:43:13 AM
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Predict what will happen if we do not look after the earth's atmosphere
Weegy: Places where there are a lot of people would be less pleasant. [ You could assume that larger cities in the US would be similar to large cities in China." If a large city could produce enough pollution to be "less pleasant" to a person, how could that not be significant to the earth? All that unpleasantness (pollution) must just disappear and contradict the law of conservation.... The earth would eventually turn into an inhabitable environment. It's a simple concept in science. The environment has a cap of how much stress it can take, be it population or pollution or whatever. It has really been a very short period to where both of those factors has been increasing exponentially. So those people that talk about how we can not have that big of an effect on the environment have absolutely no evidence to back that up. The earth has already been effected by us in this relatively short period of time. There is no telling how far it can go. People that have the arrogance to think we can not impact the environment really need a wake up call. Those are the people (ignorring the science) that are causing most of the problem. ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 1/20/2013 10:26:05 AM
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