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Q: How can we prevent learners from dropping out or failing at college or university
A: I have always felt that the figure could be cut drastically if all high school graduates work for a full year between high school and college. [ The lion's share of "drops outs and failures" during first year at college or university is caused by the immaturity of the incoming students. Another opinion: Although there is some merit to the point about the immaturity situation, the primary
reason there are such high drop-out and failure rates with freshmen in college and university is because they are simply not prepared with the kind of workload that they are faced with when they do first get exposed to college or university. Work experience really has nothing to do with it, it's more about the work load because most students that come out of high school have been pretty much babied from elementary school and haven't been faced with the kind of pressure that is put on students entering university or college. In university, it is expected of students to take their own notes, do their own research, and know their stuff when they do take the courses they do. In high school, note-taking is more easier because, for one, classes are smaller and students tend to get a lot more hand-outs than what most the professors at the universities and colleges would dream of. And those hand-outs have everything on them, so much so that students don't have to take notes. At university, though, if they're given hand-outs like on the powerpoints displayed on the screen, it is pretty well mandatory to take notes of what the professor is saying in addition to what's on the screen or the white-board. Students also tend to overload themselves with their schedules and consequently overwork themselves. It's too easy to put six courses in one semester because in high school, students could easily put in eight or even 10 courses in one semester and did just fine with the workload there; but in university and college, with the kind of workload they are faced with they soon realize that they have to drop out of certain classes in order to ease the course-load and make it easier for them to get good-enough (or better) grades. ]
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Asked 1/21/2013 1:05:35 PM
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