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what U.S interest fueled the idea that the united states should intervene in the cuban war
Cuba became the next target. John Quincy Adams, secretary of state in Monroe's administration and his successor as president, wrote: '... [ if an apple, severed by the tempest from its native tree, cannot but fall to the ground, Cuba, forcibly disjoined from its unnatural connection with Spain and incapable of self-support, can gravitate only to the North American union, which by the same law of
nature, cannot cast her off from its bosom.' By the 1880s, US capital was heavily involved in the Cuban economy, particularly the sugar industry, as part of the turning by the imperialist powers of all the Caribbean Islands into sugar-based economies. In 1895, an American financier wrote: 'It makes the water come to my mouth when I think of the State of Cuba as one in our family.' The US even offered to buy Cuba for $100m, but Spain refused.. There was a tense build-up to direct military intervention in Cuba's independence war against Spain. In 1895, the Committee of Cuban Exiles in the US was established, which supplied the US newspaper barons with stories of the liberation war, with a view to winning support for their cause. The revolutionary origins of the US were still alive in popular memory and many ordinary US citizens were sympathetic to Cuba. However the Cuban revolutionary leader José Martí said that, though fighting Spain, he also sought 'to prevent the United States, with the independence of Cuba, extending itself through the West Indies and falling with added weight upon our lands of America'. ................ ]
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