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A drawing of the earth onto a two-dimensional surface is called a(n) _____.
Updated 92 days ago|5/29/2016 9:58:04 AM
1 Answer/Comment
A drawing of the earth onto a two-dimensional surface is called a map.

Added 92 days ago|5/29/2016 9:58:04 AM
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Confirmed by Andrew. [5/29/2016 10:30:47 AM], Rated good by Andrew.
The Yippies were _____. User: What two things fueled the anti-war movement during 1968?
Weegy: The Tet Offensive in January of 1968 and the ever-increasing body count fueled the anti-war movement, bringing in people from all walks of life. User: During the 1968 Democratic Convention, Jerry Rubin introduced Pigasus the Rat Pig Dog as a presidential candidate. Weegy: A pig : animal did Jerry Rubin introduced Pigasus in the presidential candidate. User: What did President Johnson announce to the American people during his television address on March 31, 1968? Weegy: On the evening of March 31, 1968, just as many American families had finished washing their dishes in the kitchen; President Lyndon Baines Johnson appeared on their television screens in the living room. [ He wanted to talk to them about "peace in Vietnam." This was an unusual way for him to begin his address. During the late '60's the words "peace" and "Vietnam" rarely came out of the president's mouth in the same sentence. He was more likely to utter "the war in Vietnam". But on this night he was opening the door to change, and he was opening it wide. In this now legendary speech, Lyndon Baines Johnson declared that the United States would immediately stop dropping bombs on North Viet Nam. Then he dropped a verbal bomb on his fellow citizens by announcing, "I will not seek, and I will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your president." ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 5/1/2013 4:48:03 PM
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