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In addition to income, what other information is included on Form W-2?
Weegy: Deductions and tax. (More)
Expert Answered
Updated 8/31/2010 10:10:04 PM
1 Answer/Comment
Information on a W-2 includes:

Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation (Box 1)
Federal Income Tax Withheld (Box 2)
Social Security Wages (Box 3)
Social Security Tax Withheld (Box 4)
Medicare Wages and Tips (Box 5)
Medicare Tax Withheld (Box 6)
Advanced EIC Payments (Box 9)
Dependent Care (Box 10)

More here:
Added 8/31/2010 10:10:04 PM
What is taxable income
Updated 8/31/2010 9:34:32 AM
1 Answer/Comment
Taxable income is the portion of income that is the subject of taxation according to the laws that determine what is income and the taxation rate for that income. It is the income that remains after nontaxable deductions are paid. Deductions that are applied "pre-tax" instead of "post-tax" will lower the overall income tax paid.
Added 8/31/2010 9:34:32 AM
What is taxable income ?
Updated 99 days ago|6/29/2015 4:54:48 PM
1 Answer/Comment
Taxable income refers to the base upon which an income tax system imposes tax, it includes some or all items of income and is reduced by expenses and other deductions.

Added 99 days ago|6/29/2015 4:43:14 PM
This answer has been confirmed as correct, not copied, and helpful.
Confirmed by jeifunk [6/29/2015 4:54:51 PM]
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