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Q: Two examples in everyday life where concentration is used to change the rate of reactions
A: Factors that affect the rate of a chemical reaction The rate of a reaction measures how fast it happens. [ When a reaction rate increases, reactants are used up faster and products are formed more quickly. We change the rates of reactions in everyday life every day, dissolving fruit drink powders in hot water before adding cold, or breaking up a headache pill before adding water, or
cutting up vegetables, or rubbing laundry detergent on a stain before washing it. The principles are the same when altering the rates of laboratory reactions: fine powders react more quickly than a few large lumps; concentrated solutions react more quickly than dilute ones; and heating a mixture speeds up the reaction. Another factor, less obvious in everyday life, is the action of catalysts. A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a reaction without being used up by it. In many cases the rate of the uncatalysed reaction is so slow that the compounds do not appear to react at all, but when a small amount of the catalyst is added the reaction is quite vigorous. Almost all industrial chemical reactions use catalysts. Most of the chemical reactions which occur in your body are controlled by biological catalysts called enzymes. Modern cars can be fitted with “catalytic converters” which convert pollutant exhaust gases into carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen and oxygen. .......... ]
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Asked 5/24/2012 3:40:57 PM
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