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When an ellipsis is used at the end of a sentence, a dot for the period is not needed. (Points : 2) True False
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User: Colons are used to draw attention to that which follows. (Points : 2) True False

User: When an ellipsis is used at the end of a sentence, a dot for the period is not needed. (Points : 2) True False

Weegy: False.
jeifunk|Points 6239|

User: In the sentence, "The only way to describe the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is . . . devastating," the ellipsis is used correctly. (Points : 2) True False

Weegy: False.
johnlennons|Points 900|

User: When using an ellipsis to indicate an omission from a quotation, (Points : 2) do not include spaces between the periods. use four dots or periods if a deletion occurs at the end of the sentence being quoted, three to signal the deletion, and one to end the sentence. if you include a parenthetical citation, use only three dots or periods and omit the final period normally positioned after the parenthetical reference. if the quotation is taken from a poem and the ellipsis points are used to indicate the omission of an entire line of verse, use exactly four dots or periods instead of the usual three.

Weegy: a) do not include spaces between the periods.
Reign|Points 103|

User: Brackets may be: (Points : 2) used to enclose the Latin word sic to indicate that material quoted has been reproduced exactly as in the original despite not conforming to contemporary rules of grammar, convention, or usage. used to enclose and identify changes or additions made to a quotation in order to make it consistent (in tense or person, for instance) with the structure of the sentence into which the writer is integrating it. used to replace parentheses within parentheses. All these answers are correct.

Weegy: All these answers are correct.
latefisher|Points 2878|

User: Slashes: (Points : 2) are sometimes appropriate for use in formal writing situations to indicate omitted information. may be used in technical applications or tables to separate the month, day, and year elements of dates. are interchangeable with dashes. All these answers are correct

Weegy: I think it's not correct because it's not interchangeable with dashes
spyderman|Points 651|

User: A writer may use a colon: (Points : 2) to introduce a quotation following a signal phrase. to introduce an indirect quotation. to introduce a list that is preceded by the words as, follows, or the following. to connect two independent clauses or an independent and a dependent clause without a coordinating conjunction or a conjunctive adverb (such as however).

Weegy: 2) to introduce a quotation following a signal phrase. to introduce an indirect quotation. to introduce a list following phrases such as like or such as.
lovefallen|Points 1100|

User: Colons may be used to: (Points : 2) introduce an example, explanation, or appositive. introduce a quotation when it is preceded with no signal phrase by an independent clause that can stand alone as a logical sentence without the quotation. between chapter and verse in scripture and between numbers in ratios. All these answers are correct.

Weegy: All these answers are correct.
Controler|Points 2854|

User: Colons are used to draw attention to that which follows. (Points : 2) True False

User: In the sentence, "She found ceramics class challenging-dry clay-broken kilns-a shortage of paints-and wished she'd signed up for oil painting instead," dashes are used correctly. (Points : 2) True False

Weegy: false
scijoe21|Points 2165|

User: One use of the slash in academic writing is to show where lines of poetry would be separated if they were written in proper poetic form. (Points : 2) True False

Weegy: true
Expert answered|jake09|Points 0|

Asked 9/6/2012 6:07:39 AM
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