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Vicksburg is located on which major river? (1 point)Hudson Susquehanna Mississippi Colorado User: What happened to the South’s economy during the Civil War? (1 point)It improved. It remained stable. It deteriorated. It declined and then grew.
Weegy: It deteriorated. User: Some abolitionists criticized Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation because (1 point)they knew it did not specifically free all enslaved people. they wanted it sent to European countries. they wanted it to give enslaved people full rights of citizenship. they wanted it to bring an end to the Civil War. Weegy: e A. they knew it did not specifically free all enslaved people. User: Why was a plan for Reconstruction of the South needed? (1 point)The Lincoln administration did not want to readmit the Confederate states to the Union. Many new citizens had joined the nation during the war. The Constitution provided no guidance on secession or readmission of states. The Southern economy had grown, and Northern states wanted to share the prosperity. (More)
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Vicksburg is located on the Mississippi river.
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