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The United States' most widely grown crop is _____. wheat rice corn sugar
The United States' most widely grown crop is corn.
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User: The United States' most widely grown crop is _____. wheat rice corn sugar

Weegy: The United States' most widely grown crop is corn.
sharpies|Points 8656|

User: Some scientists estimate that with the full use of plants' capabilities in feeding the world, the population could safely rise to _____ billion. 20 50 80 100

Weegy: c
ajspicer|Points 10|

User: If a plant can't root or has a poor root system, it cannot be reproduced. True False

Weegy: the answer is true
NikMik|Points 440|

User: If you had a fruit tree that bore little fruit, you might try to _____. graft the scion onto a good rootstock cut a section of the root from the parent plant and grow a new plant bury a part of the stem to grow a new plant Question #5TextMultipleChoice Score: The method to reproduce a plant by burying a portion of its stem is called layeringgraftingcutting. Question #6TrueFalse Score: Growing plants with cuttings can be done from the stem, root, or leaves of certain plants. TrueFalse Question #7MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. Common medicines made from plants include _____. aspirincough syrupNeosporincodeineephedrine Question #8MultipleChoice Score: The world's most widely grown food crop is _____. wheatricecornsugar

Weegy: im so sorry but the rules and regulaition of weegy is to accept one question at a time, therefore i cant answer your question right now, any other question
Expert answered|miEr12|Points 70|

Asked 11/7/2012 8:42:53 AM
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