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Q: SORRY IT IS SO LONG. BUT NEED ADVICE.OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER. a man and his wife had just moved in to manage a small volunteer group. There in the group, they met a several new friends, including
me and some members of my family. They start to make good progress with the group. Very soon, he man and his wife became friends with my aunt and sister. As they become more familiar with the progress of each member of the group, the man and his wife compliments me on my good conduct and cheerful personality. Sometimes the man tries to offer me some assistance. I accepted at first. However, as time goes by, I decline the offers, not wanting to seem needy and be a burden on man and wife. Later, I live alone. Suddenly, the man starts to draw away in his communication with me. At times thereafter, the man becomes sad around me and finally, ignores me. Then later, a returning member rejoined the group. The returning member seems like a lot of attention and soon enough, makes friendship with the man and his wife. Now the man feels he has good friendships. However, it has been noted that the man is starting to cause division in the group. The man keeps close friendship with returning member and others who are not progressing in their assignments and responsibilities. He tries to keep his distance with the me and only speak to me when he needs to, and quickly walks away. Yet, there are times when he would hover behind me and watch me from a distance. The man tries to exclude me from group activities and giving me a hard time, while showing favor to his friends alone. The man’s strange personality starts to show to some group member. At the same time, I began to keep a low profile. By now the man seems confused as to why the I am is so quiet. I have a good relationship with almost all the group members, except for him. As times goes by, he begins to slowly take some privileges away from me, without using group guidelines for that. He knows there is no legal reason that any of the other group members would see for him doing this to me, so he tries to convince others to take up certain responsibilities to overshadow the me. However, some of the other members are wondering about his strange behavior. They don’t seem to know about how he treats her, although some have noticed I'm the only one he does not seem to interact with, only a few times he says something to me. But he seems to be showing favoritism to the ones closer to him. While at the same time, he is making sure the I am so far from being in his circle. He is quite aware that I am contracted to be in it for a certain time. But he does not know for how long. One day he came to head a meeting with some members of the group. He had been gone for some weeks. I was there when he came to the meeting. The others were talking amongst themselves when he came. As he was approaching, he saw me, so out of courtesy, I said a greeting to him, he looked at me and did not answer me and looked away. Then about a minute or so later, a few of the group members asked him why he did not say a greeting to them. He replied that it was because they were talking amongst themselves and he did not want to interrupt. At that, I thought to myself, “If that is the case, why did he not reply to me when I directly offered the greeting?” Then I turned to look at him and he walked off. He acted so strange around me. Then after the small meeting, he gave me an assignment to do and partnered me with his wife. However, he still tried to ignore me. There is an interesting question or two…Is it normal that this man would have the my personal phone number in his possession if I did not give it to him? If yes, who would have done so and why he would care to have it? RECENTLY: He has gone on vacation for a month. He told me few days before he left (as he was passing me by on a road), that he had to tell me something about something (he was walking while talking i really could only hear him say "tell you about.......on....."). But he always ONCE IN WHILE, has the habit of saying "need to say something to you..blah blah blah". Then 2 days before he left, i saw a missed call on my phone from him. I called back, but no one answered.
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Asked 9/4/2011 11:16:34 PM
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