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Q: Which of the following is not an impact associated with the use of hydroelectric energy? a. release of contaminants b. interruption of natural water flow c. increase of riverbed erosion d. disruption
of aquatic wildlife
A: a. release of contaminants Apart from direct contact, there can also be wildlife impacts both within the dammed reservoirs and downstream from the facility. Reservoir water is usually more stagnant than normal river water. [ As a result, the reservoir will have higher than normal amounts of sediments and nutrients, which can cultivate an excess of algae and other aquatic weeds. These weeds can
crowd out other river animal and plant-life, and they must be controlled through manual harvesting or by introducing fish that eat these plants [4]. In addition, water is lost through evaporation in dammed reservoirs at a much higher rate than in flowing rivers. In addition, if too much water is stored behind the reservoir, segments of the river downstream from the reservoir can dry out. Thus, most hydroelectric operators are required to release a minimum amount of water at certain times of year. If not released appropriately, water levels downstream will drop and animal and plant life can be harmed. In addition, reservoir water is typically low in dissolved oxygen and colder than normal river water. When this water is released, it could have negative impacts on downstream plants and animals. To mitigate these impacts, aerating turbines can be installed to increase dissolved oxygen and multi-level water intakes can help ensure that water released from the reservoir comes from all levels of the reservoir, rather than just the bottom (which is the coldest and has the lowest dissolved oxygen). iated with dams and reservoirs related to the power plants. Reservoirs cover land which was previously in vegetation or forests,. Once underwater the plants decompose anaerobically releasing methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. In addition the flooded land may have contained eco-systems needed for plant or animal habitats. On the plus side - hydroelectric plants may replace coal fired plants reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide and acid gas components. Hydroelectric power plants have a very small effect on the environment, considering the average age of an existing powerhouse in the United States is over a half century, and they release no pollutants into the air. ]
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