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Identify unique characteristics of moral/ethical principles. How are they different or how are they similar to principles found in law, etiquette, and religious commands?
Moral/Ethical Life’s View is: A viewpoint and code of behavior derived from a well-developed moral conscience that points true North in regard to matters of character, principle, [ and conduct as illustrated in all the core Leadership Values of Integrity, Achievement, Responsibility, and Courage. Ethics, and what is morally right has to do with both the intention and consequences of our
decisions and behavior. This Aristotelian view of ethical behavior is based upon the belief that our words and deeds are intended to always be for the greater good of both the individual as well as society. Therefore, Ethical behavior is viewed and measured by this absolute standard of what is right and best for all, rather than the limited and relative situational view of what is only best from the individual’s needs, desires and interests. This view holds that Ethical behavior is not based on the evaluation of the situation relative to personal benefit or advantage at the expense of others, but focuses instead on the absolute right thing to do regardless of personal consequences. Thus, moral principles are codified as personal values and become our self-imposed standards of behavior. In this +Ethical/Moral Life’s View, our personal values become the basis for guiding our behaviors according to the ethical and moral principles that are implicit in the holding of those personal values important to us. ]
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Asked 10/15/2012 8:22:15 PM
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