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Q: Which are physical processes? conservation erosion physical weathering strip mining tornadoes volcanic eruptions Question #3TextMultipleChoice Score: Put an H next to the items that describe Human
Systems. Put a P next to the items that describe Physical Systems. the Suez Canal the San Andreas Fault the Great Mississippi Flood the George Washington Bridge Question #4Matching Score: Match the geographic tool to its description: 1. Atlas best tool to use to plan hurricane evacuation routes 2. GIS used by cartographers when visibility is reduced 3. Globe best tool to use to pinpoint your exact location 4. GPS reduces distortion of distance, direction, and area 5. Mercator projection colors show the earth's features 6. Political map best tool to use to locate the boundaries between countries 7. RADAR best tool to use to compare the size of the continents 8. Relief map elevation is indicated by the distance between lines 9. Topographical map areas near the poles appear larger than they are 10. Winkel Tripel projection collection of maps Question #5MultipleChoice Score: According to this relief map, which place has the lowest elevation? relief map A B C D Question #6MultipleChoice Score: Which letter indicates the area with the highest elevation? topographical map A B C D Question #7MultipleChoice Score: Effective charts and graphs include all of the following except _____. simple, meaningful, attractive design accurate information at least five different colors clear presentation of information Question #8GraphicMultipleChoice Score: Click through the graphs and select the graph that represents the information below. According to the CIA World Factbook, the age structure of people living in Liberia breaks down this way: Approximately 40 percent of the people are between the ages of zero and fourteen years of age, 50 percent of the population is between 15–64 years old, and 10 percent are 65 years old and over. Question #9MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following statements does not describe the geographic theme of location? The address of the White House is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. It takes approximately 6 hours to fly from Seattle, Washington, to Miami, Florida. Tundra covers most of northern Canada. Finland is west of Russia. Question #10MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following statements does not describe the geographic theme of place? Australia's climate is varied; it ranges from arid to tropical. Australia's population is mostly English-speaking. Australia is rich in natural resources. Australia's capital is Canberra. Question #11TextMultipleChoice Score: Places have both Physical and Human characteristics. Choose H if the item describes a Human characteristic. Choose P if the item describes a Physical characteristic. In Canada, tension exists between French- and English-speaking people. Coal deposits are plentiful in Alaska. The United States government is a representative democracy. Cuba is an island. The European Union (EU) has twenty-seven members. Canada is north of the United States. Tourism is the main economic activity in Hawaii. Question #12MultipleSelect Score: Which items are described by the geographic theme of movement? Daniel's ancestors came from Russia. Songs and movies made in the United Kingdom are very popular in India. Germany lies south of the Baltic and North Seas. The Rio Grande forms Mexico's northern border. Saudi Arabia has rich oil deposits. Japan exports vehicles and machinery to the United States. Question #13MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following statements does not describe regions? Most regions are homogeneous. Regions are defined by their common characteristics. Areas can belong to more than one region. Regions are defined by people. Question #14Matching Score: Match the region to the statement that describes it. 1. political Most of the people here speak French. 2. physical Cuba is an island nation. 3. economic A long growing season improves crop growth. 4. cultural kings and queens rule this type of region. 5. climate Trade agreements are typical. Question #15DragAndDrop Score: Click an item in the list or group of pictures at the bottom of the problem and holding your mouse button down, drag it into the correct position in the area. Release your mouse button when the item is place. If you change your mind, double-click one item to remove it, or click the Start Over button to clear all of your answers. Label the earth's layers. Question #16MultipleChoice Score: Alex's family raises fruit and vegetables for income. They live in an area that receives less than .2 inches of rain per month. Therefore they need to use an irrigation system to water their crops. Where does Alex live? Hint: Use the map below to help you answer this item. climate map Egypt Peru Australia Russia Question #17MultipleChoice Score: Which climate zone has the least change in temperature between winter and summer months? continental dry moderate tropical Question #18TextMultipleChoice Score: Are the items in the list renewable or nonrenewable resources? Choose N for Nonrenewable resources. Choose R for Renewable resources. petroleum aluminum dirt salmon coal Question #19MultipleSelect Score: Which statements describe results of the greenhouse effect? habitable climate warmer temperatures increased radiation decreased water vapor reduced rainfall rising CO2levels longer days Question #20MultipleSelect Score: Which statements are true? Hurricanes can be caused by physical processes in the hydrosphere. Most of the earth's freshwater can be found in the air and streams. Ocean currents move warm air from the equator toward the poles. The water cycle is powered by the sun. Wind is another name for atmospheric circulation patterns. Atmospheric circulation patterns keep the temperature of an area constant. Winds move easily across the plains. Question #21MultipleSelect Score: Which changes to the earth can be explained by plate tectonics? atmospheric circulation patterns earthquakes erosion ocean circulation patterns ocean trenches volcanoes wind Question #22Matching Score: Match the sphere to activity that occurs there. 1. Atmosphere westerlies 2. Biosphere grazing 3. Hydrosphere weathering 4. Lithosphere tides Question #23TextMultipleChoice Score: is the physical process responsible for the movement of soil. Question #24GraphicMultipleChoice Score: Click through and select the image that best represents the physical process that is most likely to cause underwater volcanoes. Question #25MultipleSelect Score: Which statements describe erosion? Erosion can be harmful to the environment. Erosion can benefit the environment. Erosion is caused by human activities. Erosion is caused by the wind, water, and gravity. Erosion occurs when chemical activities break down rock. The process of erosion creates soil. The process of erosion moves soil. Question #26MultipleSelect Score: Which statements describe ecosystems? Biodiversity is one way to judge the health of an ecosystem. Ecosystems must be balanced to survive. A healthy ecosystem can support an unlimited number of life forms. The parts of an ecosystem exist independently and have little to do with each other. People's activities sometimes improve the health of an ecosystem. Predators play a role in balancing the earth's ecosystems. Question #27Matching Score: Match the ecosystem to its description or example. 1. Desert much of this ecosystem has been converted to farms 2. Forest receives less than ten inches of rain annually 3. Grassland ecosystem with the harshest climate 4. Tundra world's largest ecosystem 5. Freshwater estuaries, coral reefs 6. Marine wetlands, rivers, lakes Question #28MultipleChoice Score: The crops grown in a small Midwestern farming community are being destroyed by grasshoppers. The farmers have banded together and have decided to spray pesticides to reduce the grasshopper population. The results of this spraying that farmers expect include all of the following except _____. a decrease in the bird population an increase in crops harvested reduced quality of ground water increased precipitation
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