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How much is unilag school fees and acceptance fee for undergraduate full time student for 2011/2012
You can only acquire that information through the school's registrar,finance or admission office. You should call them instead.
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Asked 2/17/2012 3:02:47 AM
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How much is uniag school fees and acceptance fees for undergraduate f/t 2011/12
Weegy: No official information has been announce yet. We will let you know. thanks. (More)
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Updated 2/17/2012 3:53:03 AM
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Last years admissions fees were N2,000.00 for undergraduates and N10.000.00 for post graduate programs at Unilag. Try the Unilag official school website @
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How can we let them know, jeifunk? Please make a thorough search or instead give the university's website. We cannot go on and respond "there is no official announcement yet we will let you know" all the time. It's been going on for 5 months now. We've been telling this to the users for more than 5 months now.
Added 2/17/2012 3:39:36 AM
Added 2/17/2012 3:43:48 AM
Added 2/17/2012 3:53:03 AM
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