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Which equation represents the reduction half-reaction for this redox equation? Mg + CuSO4 MgSO4 + Cu
B. Cu + 2e- Cu
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User: Which is an example of an electrolytic cell?

User: In a redox reaction, why does an element’s oxidation number increase?

User: Which equation represents the reduction half-reaction for this redox equation? Mg + CuSO4 MgSO4 + Cu

Weegy: B. Cu + 2e- Cu
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User: What is the standard reduction potential of hydrogen?

User: What is the formula for the compound iron (III) sulfate?

User: What is the chemical name of the compound Cu2CO3?

User: Which is a binary ionic compound?

User: What is the formula for the compound dinitrogen pentoxide?

User: The placement of the double bond goes between which two atoms in this formaldehyde molecule? Note: Hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen have one, four, and six valence electrons respectively.

User: Why are metals good conductors of heat and electricity?

User: Which of the following is the correct Lewis structure for ammonia (NH3)? Note: Hydrogen and nitrogen have one and five valence electrons respectively

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