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Explain steps that are taken to maintain the dignity of and respect for an.individual when.responding to an incidents of challenging behaviour
Children must always be treated with dignity and respect. [ This may be difficult when their behaviour is threatening to their peers or members of staff but it underlines the need for planning and adopting well thought-out strategies where members of staff are enabled to intervene positively. Following an incident in which restrictive physical interventions are employed, both children and
staff should be given separate opportunities to talk about what happened in a safe and calm environment, when everyone involved has regained their composure. These interviews should be designed to discover exactly what happened and the effects on those involved, and should be carried out by the line manger of the staff involved. There must also be an interview with those with parental responsibility The interview should not be used to apportion blame or punish those involved; (if however there is clear evidence that a member of staff used force which was excessive and against agreed guidelines the line manager needs to record carefully the views of everyone concerned for possible disciplinary action). Prompt medical attention should be given to any child or member of staff involved if significant injury or distress has been experienced. Carers and/or family members of a child should be informed of any incident and invited to contribute their views. The line manager of the staff involved should ensure that all paperwork, including any necessary assault/incident reporting documentation, is completed accurately and in a timely manner and a de-briefing given to all those involved and other relevant individuals. Staff must be encouraged to report truthfully and accurately all information they have in relation to an incident where physical intervention has taken place. ]
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