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Explain how understanding an individuals biography/history can facilitate positive interaction
understanding an individuals biography/history help pinpoint his or her main characteristics. More we know a person more our communication is successful. [ In personal and interpersonal communication, even in mass one, positive interaction depends on communication. We know our friends better, that`s why most of the time our interaction is positive. Even when something goes wrong we can amend
them. ]
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Asked 6/27/2012 4:48:02 PM
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Explain how involving others may enhance interaction with an individual with dementia
Weegy: Attempts should be made to include people with dementia from ethnic minority or other “racialised groups”, and people with dementia with visual, [ auditory and intellectual impairments or with less common forms of dementia in research. Researchers should draw up a plan of proposed actions or measures to ensure the recruitment of older people and other sub-groups of the population with dementia. As such actions and measures may involve extra costs and time (e.g. for facilitators, interpreters and transport) this should be considered during the design phase. As people have multiple identities, with various degrees of emphasis on different aspects of their identity, the relationship and dynamics between and within various racialised identities and people should be considered. People from ethnic minority and other racialised groups involved in research should be recognised as representing more than their perceived ethnic or racialised characteristics (i.e. they may have many similarities with other people with dementia who do not share the same characteristics). People from ethnic minority and other “racialised” groups should be included in a broad range of research topics. Unless there are good reasons for not doing so, researchers should, where possible, translate research materials into other languages if this would facilitate the inclusion of people from ethnic minority or immigrant groups. ] (More)
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Asked 6/27/2012 4:38:50 PM
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