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Q: Three requirements that must be complied with to obtain a zimbabwean visa
A: Visa Requirements INSTRUCTIONS FOR VISA APPLICATION Visa Requirements 1. [ Zimbabwe?s visa regime is divided into 3 categories: (a) Category .A.: for foreigners who do not require a visa; (b) Category .B.: for foreigners who can obtain a visa at the port of entry; and (c) Category .C.: for foreigners who require a visa before they
travel from country of origin/residence. N.B. Attached is a copy of the category list. (Annex 1) 2. The following do not need visas to enter Zimbabwe: (a) Nationals of Zimbabwe; (b) Foreigners falling under Category .A. of the visa regime; (c) Foreigners resident in Zimbabwe who hold one of the following documents: (i) Resident?s Permit (ii) Temporary Employment Permit (iii) Temporary Permits valid for re-entry into Zimbabwe (iv) Student?s/Scholar?s Permits (v) Transit passengers provided that they: - have confirmed onward bookings - will be leaving within six hours - remain in the transit lounge or aboard the aircraft on which they arrived and have the necessary documents to be accepted in the country to which they are travelling - are holders of documents issued by the United Nations and the African Union and are travelling on official duty. 3. TYPES OF VISAS In Zimbabwe, there are four types of visas: (a) Single entry visa (b) Double entry visa (c) Multiple entry visa (d) Resident?s re-entry visa 4. POINTS OF NOTE Visitors are not allowed to take up employment whether for remuneration or not, without authority of the chief Immigration Officer. 5. ]
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Asked 2/17/2013 3:37:48 AM
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