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What is the icd-9 code for gangrene,left foot,following third-degree burn of foot 2 weeks ago
What Is ICD-9? The ICD-9 stands for the International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision. The longer, more official designation is International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. [ [ This code is used to identify every recognized: disease disorder medical and psychiatric condition illness symptom syndrome injury abnormal finding social circumstance
(related to illness) and cause of death Codes can be up to six digits long, beginning with a three-digit category code followed by up to three decimal places. Statisticians and health care professionals need to monitor and compare morbidity and mortality rates around the world so that they can identify trends and treatments. To do this, a consistent method of classifying deaths was needed. That?s why the World Health Organization (WHO) established the ICD-9 classification and coding system in 1977. ICD-9 codes are used to code and classify mortality data from death certificates around the world. Coding is used for both the underlying cause of death as well as for other contributions to death. ICD-9 coding is also used to code morbidity in health insurance claims, reimbursement, automated decision support and other medical statistical uses. The United States? Medicare and Medicaid programs require use of ICD-9 codes. These codes are also used to: track fees improve provider relations, and provide revenue forecast ] ]
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