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Q: describe the action to take when children or young people are ill or injured
A: Parents manage many of the illnesses that their children get without seeking help. [ But children can become sick very quickly, and it is often difficult to tell whether the problem is trivial or serious, so services need to respond quickly, make correct assessments and provide immediate effective treatment. Many children will have one short stay in hospital, but a few will spend long periods
there or be admitted often. The Standard: the Standard says it must be easy for all children and young people who are, or who may be ill or injured to get good treatment, advice and care when they need it; and that it fits in with their social, emotional and educational needs. Our Vision is for children and young people who are ill to get good quality care as close to their homes as possible, with local services working together to properly match the individual health, social and educational needs of each child. There are five main themes for this standard: 1. Services for ill children are easy to use There must be good co-operation between local health services (called 'Managed Local Children's Clinical Networks', more of which may be set up in the coming years), which make it easy for children and their parents or carers, wherever they live in the area, to get the service they need; for example, from a general practice or a hospital or specialist. However, children come into contact with the NHS, through general practice, out-of-hours services, NHS Direct, NHS walk-in centres, community pharmacists, minor injuries units, some private providers and accident and emergency departments; each child needs a clear record which is available wherever they require care, within the local health system. This will be achieved once the new NHS information and computer systems are in place. There should be local arrangements for out-of-hours assessment and treatment of children and young people who become ill; information about these services should be easily available and understandable. 2. ]
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Asked 3/25/2013 2:27:53 PM
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