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Health psychology focuses on A. how people grow and change throughout their lives B. how people perceive, sense, and learn C. how long-term stress can affect physical health D. how people develop their unique personalities over time
Weegy: Well, health psychology is a specialty area that focuses on how biology, psychology, behavior and social factors influence health and illness. Of the choices you gave, the one that comes closest to this is C. [ how long-term stress can affect physical health. ] User: In __________ theory, the true subject and meaning of a dream may have little to do with its apparent story line. A. unconscious wish fulfillment B. latent content C. manifest content D. desire Weegy: B. unconscious wish fulfillment User: what is unconscious wish fulfillment? User: what is manifest content? Weegy: Sponsored Links Psychology Software ToolsSoftware and Hardware Solutions for Behavioral and fMRI Research Knowing your PersonalityMost detailed Personality Assessment on the Internet Psychology B.A in [ IsraelWorldwide recognized & accredited! The RRIS School of Psychology. Definition: According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, the manifest content of a dream includes the actual images, thoughts and content contained within the dream. The manifest content is the elements of the dream that we remember upon awakening. ] (More)
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Predict what would happen if a virus cannot find another living cell
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