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Q: What does she want? I don't get her? Okay so me and this girl, we've casually hooked up a couple times, and I thought we dated, but guess not since she didn't want any relationship cause she was
still getting over her ex, and wanted to be single, and have fun. We agreed to do fwb, but eventually she said she didn't want to do it, and just needed time to work on her schoolwork. -Her friends call me her boyfriend, and one of her closest friends say I'm her boyfriend, and that when asked by one guy who knew me, and asked her how she knew me she said through her best friend. -Most of her friends still talk to me which is weird, because well... I don't get it, if they see her fooling around with other guys, I don't really have much affiliation with any of them. - I saw her talking to another guy at a party, when she saw me, I saw her say a quiet hey and her expression well.. it was like she looked guilty or sad or something. - After the party ended and she left with her friends. I was going to chill and smoke with her friends cause they're pretty cool, and she wanted to come. When all her friends left and it was just me, we were talking, but my entire body signal/language showed her that I didn't really want her to come. She eventually decided not to come smoke with us, and announced to her friends that she'd just grab some food to eat by herself. - I came to chill with some of her friends, and well she asked me if I wanted to come.. at the end I went to leave and she had gone to sleep, this girl who's her best friend told me to tell her to say good night to her.
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Asked 5/1/2011 6:32:47 PM
Updated 5/1/2011 6:49:07 PM
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I am sorry relationships, friendship or and ships for that matter can be rough. This girl sounds a little confused or just plain void of what is going on. If you like her and have feelings for her .Talk directly to her, not her friends, or anyone else. She has the answer you seek. Even if they are not the answers you want to hear they are the answers straight from her. She seems to have some things to sort through. You may want to give her space and find someone that truly appreciates you and is only into you. It will save you the heart ache.
Added 5/1/2011 6:49:07 PM
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