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Select all that apply. Taxonomy _____. brings order to understanding the immense diversity of life is an unnecessary science is a classification system is the study of animal behavior Question
#3MultipleChoice Score: A division is always associated with _____. plantsanimalsplants or animalsplants and animals Question #4TrueFalse Score: When determining the taxon based on morphology, a scientist is relying on genetic similarities. TrueFalse Question #5MultipleChoice Score: The taxon species may be defined by reproductive isolation and _____. variationmorphologydichotomy Question #6MultipleChoice Score: The language used in taxonomy is _____. ItalianGreekLatinEnglish Question #7MultipleChoice Score: An example of parallel choices in a key is _____. A. flower color is red; AA. flower color is blueA. object can fly; AA. object is blackA. animal has 4 legs; AA. animal has 4 teeth Question #8TrueFalse Score: Any problem of inquiry can be proved or disproved using the scientific method. TrueFalse Question #9MultipleChoice Score: Research scientists use a standard practice called the _____ method to help them understand phenomena. theoreticscientificcontrolledinquiry Question #10MultipleChoice Score: A sorting device that is useful in classifying by observation is a _____. dichotomywedgetaxonkey Question #11Matching Score: Order the taxa from largest (first) to smallest (fifth). 1. first family 2. second genus 3. third class 4. fourth species 5. fifth order Question #12MultipleChoice Score: If a hypothesis is supported by several experiments, it may become a(n) _____. lawtheoryfacteducated guess Question #13MultipleChoice Score: The first case of using two words as a scientific name _____. was introduced by John Raywas introduced during the Renaissancewas introduced by the Greeks Question #14TrueFalse Score: In ancient times, people classified plants and animals by use. TrueFalse Question #15TrueFalse Score: A kingdom may be subdivided into several phyla. TrueFalse Question #16MultipleChoice Score: The currently used binomial nomenclature was developed by _____. RayLinnaeusAristotle Question #17TrueFalse Score: Plants are living organisms. TrueFalse Question #18MultipleChoice Score: To correctly write the binomial nomenclature for a particular animal, you would use which of the following? Species GenusGenus speciesGenus Species Question #19TrueFalse Score: Scientists have a standardized definition of life. TrueFalse Question #20MultipleChoice Score: The word which means to cut into two parts is _____. dichotomymorphologynomenclature
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