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Q: Describe the relationship between your ancestry and any racial, ethnic, or cultural groups you identified with particularly if you identified with more than one.
A: Depending on the approach that is selected, the analysis of the claim will differ and it is likely that the outcome will also be affected. In most instances, an intersectional approach to a multiple grounds complaint is the preferred one. [ [ The concept of ?intersectionality? has been defined as ?intersectional oppression [that] arises out of the combination of various oppressions which,
together, produce something unique and distinct from any one form of discrimination standing alone....?[6] An intersectional approach takes into account the historical, social and political context and recognizes the unique experience of the individual based on the intersection of all relevant grounds.[7] This approach allows the particular experience of discrimination, based on the confluence of grounds involved, to be acknowledged and remedied. Several examples help to illustrate the unique experience of discrimination based on historical, political and social contexts and the intersection of grounds: In many cases, racial minority women experience discrimination in a completely different way than racial minority men or even women as a gender. Similarly, racial minority men may experience discrimination that would not be faced by non-minority males or even women of the same background. This is because groups often experience distinctive forms of stereotyping or barriers based on a combination of race and gender. An intersectional approach recognizes this. A person who belongs to a particular religion may face religious discrimination only if they identify by another ground such as race, colour or ethnic origin or may experience discrimination differently from co-religionists based on the relationship with another ground. Gender can also be a factor that has an impact on religious discrimination. ] ]
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Asked 8/2/2012 10:38:45 PM
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