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Q: The purpose of _____ is to convince the reader of a certain view or opinion by establishing the truth or falsity of it. argumentation exposition narration Question #12MultipleChoice Score: Read
the following passage. In the beginnings of the last chapter, I informed you exactly when I was born; but I did not inform you how. No; that particular was reserved entirely for a chapter by itself; besides, Sir, as you and I are in a manner perfect strangers to each other, it would not have been proper to have let you into too many circumstances relating to myself all at once.—You must have a little patience. I have undertaken, you see, to write not only my life, but my opinions also; hoping and expecting that your knowledge of my character, and of what kind of a mortal I am, by the one, would give you a better relish for the other: As you proceed further with me, the slight acquaintance which is now beginning betwixt us, will grow into familiarity; and that, unless one of us is in fault, will terminate in friendship. (from Tristram Shandy, Volume I, Chapter 6, by Laurence Sterne) The tone of this passage is formal (distant) and stiffintimate (chatty) and playfulcondescending and formalserious and intimate Question #13TrueFalse Score: Ideally, the author states the main thesis for a chapter in the first paragraph or two. TrueFalse Question #14MultipleSelect Score: Select the example(s) of expository composition. directionsnoveljokeatlas Question #15MultipleSelect Score: The four methods of paragraph development discussed in this unit are definitioncompare/contrastpost hocillustration/exampleprocess analysisspiraling Question #16Matching Score: Match the following items. 1. similarity or comparison based on similarities analogy 2. contrast; opposition objective 3. not influenced by personal feelings subjective 4. influenced by personal feelings chronological 5. arranged in order of occurrence antithesis Question #17TrueFalse Score: Paragraphs should not use more than one method of organization. TrueFalse Question #18Paragraph Score: What is a cause/effect relationship? a cause and effect relationship implies two variables being tested and measured. the independent variable influences the dependent variable. if the IV receives manipulation, it will affect the IV. If the IV affects the IV in such a way that it can be considered solely a result of the manipulation done to the IV, and can be tested and have the same results, even if in different environments, then it is a cause-effect relationship.
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