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List 5 items that make up a Paperless Office?
Weegy: 5 items that make up a Paperless Office: Don't Eliminate Important Documents Unless you implement an alternate solution, you can't just stop generating paper and expect your firm to continue operating as normal. [ Generally speaking, for every piece of paper you eliminate, you'll be utilizing some other type of technology in its place... which leads me to my next point. Implement a Suitable Data Backup Process Regardless of the method used for backing up data, there are a few important things to remember. First, store backups off site. In the case of a fire, those backup tapes sitting next to your server won't be of any use. Fire-proof safes may not even help, as the temperature inside the safe could become high enough to ruin the data on a tape or disk. Second, backup to a different removable device each day, over a minimum 10-day rotation period. Third, monitor your backup reports daily, and actually test restore operations on a regular basis. With these requirements met, you can start thinking about going paperless. Document Storage and Management As you read through this article, you will notice that more and more information will need to be stored and managed electronically. You could do most of this with a well-managed system of network folders - but it may quickly become an overwhelming task. Consider implementing a good document management system (DMS) before getting too far along with your paperless office plans. A good DMS will help you keep all of your electronic files organized in ways that will make them more easily accessible later. For some good informational videos showing a great DMS system in action, I recommend you take a look at the demonstration library at Document Production When legally acceptable, and agreeable by your client, produce documents in PDF format rather than on paper. You'll need some sort of PDF creation software - like Adobe Acrobat. Don't share the original word processing document with others, unless ... (More)
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Asked 9/28/2013 6:34:58 AM
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