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Q: this is about a friend that i have. Some months ago, a few of us had to go to a distant area to do social work. So we had to meet at his house for dispatch. The girl, me, and my friend drove in my
friend’s SUV to his house to wait for others to arrive. When we finally got to carpool, he drove my friend's SUV with another friend in the front. So anyway, we were on our way and chatting and laughing. Needless to say, he was quiet most of the time. Then the girl was trying to remember the name of a book we all supposedly knew. I could not remember, so she was describing the color of it. Then the friend beside him asked him if he knew. He said the name if it to her in a very low voice, then she repeated it to the girl. Then she was like "yeah, that's it!"...all the while I am thinking that he knew the answer, but because he is having this attitude towards her, he did not say it. He only was talking when his friends said something. Throughout the whole day, his attitude was bad. And he gave her bad looks through the day, as if he wishes she was not there. UPDATE: I have not told anyone about what I have noticed. Based on what I know about him, if I go to him about it he will act like I am paranoid, and I don’t want him to know what she told me . For example, there has been a plan made by him for a group of us to travel somewhere to volunteer. So, what the girl realized that he has been secretly telling a few people in the group about it, she always end up hearing about it late. So she asked someone to ask him if there was space in any of the car pooling for her to fit in: that person told her that he said that no one else will be added to the list if they came to ask. But she still told him to ask. About an hour after that, she saw him, he told her that he heard she was asking about being able to go with them on the trip. So she said yes. he said: "well, right now we already have our peek of those who are going". So she said: "ok, well let me know if anyone drops out". He said that as soon as that happened, he would immediately call her. So they were suppose to leave for the tri the next morning very early. So my friend who drives the SUV, parks her car in the girl’s yard. So about 7.45 am in the morning, she said she heard voices in her yard. She was still in bed. She woke up and noticed it was his voice along with the other friend. They were talking about needing her vehicle to be a part of the car pooling for the trip. She was not going, so he thought he would take her vehicle. Then he drove my friend’s vehicle out of the girl’s yard and did not even call her. As it turned out, there were some people who dropped out of going on the trip he organized. And there was plenty of space for her. Many of those who went knew that she wanted to go. Even now they are saying they wished she was there. She said told one of them that she told him to call her if space became available. They said: "really?. How come he never said anything?”. Even now, I myself am hearing a sudden announcement about another trip. Then at our group meeting recently, I was sitting behind them; he was staring at her at the corner of his eye, from the other side of his wife. Every time he was looking like that in her direction, she turned her head, allowing her hair to cover that side of her face. (I watch what’s going on since she is telling me all this). He looked so angry. After the meeting was over, he came in her direction, so as she was sitting, she immediately turned her head around to one of my friends who’s was sitting behind me. Then after a few minutes, he walked off. So I saw her grab her bag, and left the whole thing. Hope you can give me something to tell her.
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Asked 9/27/2011 9:46:48 PM
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