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Has fedral poly called off their strike
THE Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, ASUP, has commenced an indefinite strike, following failure of the federal and state governments to implement agreements on issues affecting polytechnic education in the country. [ The indefinite strike declared, Sunday, by the union, followed end of a seven-day warning strike which ended weekend. Some of the issues in contention are non-migration of
members at the lower cadres on CONTISS 15 salary scale; release of white paper on the visitation panel to federal polytechnics; non-commencement of needs assessment of Nigerian polytechnics; worrisome state of state-owned polytechnics/monotechnics; and continued appointment of unqualified persons as rectors by some state governments. Others include failure of most state governments to implement approved salary packages (CONPCASS) for polytechnics and 65 years retirement age; continued recognition of the NBTE as a regulatory body for Nigerian polytechnics against the creation of a national polytechnics commission; and the snail speed associated with the amendment of the Federal Polytechnics Act, amongst others. National President of ASUP, Mr Chibuzor Asomugha, told Vanguard, Sunday, that the indefinite strike had become inevitable because the meeting the union had with Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, on the issues yielded no positive results. He said the strike would be called off only when governments addressed all issues raised by the union, and urged all polytechnics across the country to abide by the directive to embark on strike. ]
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Asked 6/25/2013 2:54:21 PM
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