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When is the audition date for the Gulder Ultimate Search 2012
Weegy: Application procedure In order to participate ,the applicant must meet the following requirements; i.Be between the ages of 21 and 30 years old ii.possess demonstrable skills in the [ following vital areas;strength,confidence,endurance,physical and health fitness. iii.Carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions required for applicants iv.Fill out the online entry form and upload a recent photograph in the space provided for it on the entry form and submit the form online.If you qualify , a mail will be sent to your email box within 24 hours containing terms and conditions form and reference form as attachments. v.Download and carefully read the terms and conditions form before signing it vi. Other details/instructions will be communicated to you via email Applicant's two referees must be reputable members of the society,one of whom must be the applicant's parent or Guardian.The referees must authenticate the claims of the applicant by signing the form. ] User: When is date for audition of the gulder ultimate search 2012 Weegy: Gulder Ultimate Search season 9 is here-registration closes on September 13 Added by Gistmaster on August 16, 2012. Saved under entertainment News Tags: Big Brother Africa, Entertainment, Gulder Ultimate Search, Nigeria, Nigeria Breweries, [ Television Champions”, information at the disposal of indicates that the winner of the Season 9 edition would go home with a brand new SUV car and a cash prize of 9 million Naira courtesy of Nigerian Breweries Plc. The Gulder Ultimate Search involves strong physical strength and mental alertness.Partcipants who are usually chosen after multiple tasks durning auditioning are taken a jungle outside Lagos for gruelling tasks. Part of the statement sent to the media on the Ultimate Search 2012 reads “The hallowed jungle awaits brave and daring young men and women, courageous enough to attempt, to unearth the long lost fortune, hidden centuries ago by a wise ... (More)
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Asked 10/2/2012 7:43:09 AM
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