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All of the different species living in a particular location are called a/an A. population. B. community. C. ecosystem. D. biosphere.
D. community.
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User: All of the different species living in a particular location are called a/an A. population. B. community. C. ecosystem. D. biosphere.

Weegy: D. community.
thewolf010|Points 1160|

User: If, over a period of 10 years, a population has a logistic growth rate, you would expect to see A. an S-shaped curve followed by a J-shaped curve. B. a stable equilibrium phase. C. a death rate much higher than the birth rate. D. accelerating population growth over the entire period.

Weegy: B. accelerating population growth over the entire period.
Fanboy|Points 2421|

User: What occurs when members of one species try to use necessary resources that are in limited supply? A. Competition B. Predator-prey cycles C. Natural disasters D. Predation

Weegy: A. Competition
jeifunk|Points 6756|

User: Which statement best describes the competitive exclusion principle? A. Adjacent ecological niches lead to the elimination of one of the niches. B. Character displacement is evidence of competition and resource partitioning. C. Decreased competition between two species leads to increased niche specialization. D. No two species can occupy the same ecological niche at the same time.

Weegy: The best answer is D. Organisms are always evolving so it is hard to force them to interact in predictable ways.
zorabelmay|Points 107|

User: When decomposers are unable to break down industrial wastes, they become more concentrated as they move through the food chain. This process is called biological A. synthesis. B. pollution. C. magnification. D. concentration.

Weegy: c concentration
mouthofdasouth|Points 40|

User: The main reason for land subsidence is A. desertification. B. the removal of water from aquifers. C. the destruction of plant life. D. land exploitation.

User: Which biochemical cycle aids plants through bacterial nodules in soil? A. Carbon B. Oxygen C. Nitrogen D. Phosphorus

User: An example of a renewable energy source is A. minerals. B. land. C. water. D. coal.

User: What is described by the following sentence? The members of a population are small in size, the young mature early, they get little care from their parents, and they have a short life span. A. Species of birds approaching extinction B. Population of mountain gorillas C. Equilibrium population D. Opportunistic population

Weegy: D. Opportunistic population
rickjames|Points 884|

User: Following deforestation of tropical forests, the remaining soil is nutrient-poor because A. there are no remaining nitrogen-fixing bacteria. B. most nutrients have been absorbed by the vegetation. C. it's located over bedrock. D. it's mostly sand.

Weegy: The answer is B. most nutrients have been absorbed by the vegetation.
Expert answered|bonaxle|Points 325|

User: A species that takes in only inorganic nutrients is called a/an A. consumer. B. heterotrophy. C. autotroph. D. decomposer.

Weegy: The answer is C. autotroph.
Expert answered|bonaxle|Points 325|

Asked 9/24/2012 8:19:50 PM
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