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Weegy: Do you have a question? User: Yes Weegy: hello user. welcome to weegy. What is your question? User: What do taxonomists identify among organisms? User: Do taxonomists try to identify evolutionary relationships among organisms User: what is phylogeny? Weegy: There are four main ways that taxonomists investigate evolutionary relationships between organisms, the fossil record, biogeography, homologies, and direct observation and experiments. They use the fossil record mostly by appearance. [ They compare the skeletal structures of the proposed ancestral species and the species they think might be the descendant of the species. In rare occasions they can also compare slight traces of DNA between the organisms. A perfect example of biogeography is the Gallapagos finches that Darwin discovered. Biogeography basically accounts for the the distribution of species. Homologies are split into two sub categories; comparative anatomy and molecular comparison. Comparative anatomy reveal some embryological development and can show that although modern forms have different functions they could have evolved from a common ancestor. Direct observation and experiments are just conducting experiments based on hypothesis. ] (More)
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Asked 2/22/2012 3:35:54 PM
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