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A prothrombin time is ordered by a physician to do what?
Weegy: Prothrombin time is a measurement indicating how long it takes for a patient's blood plasma to clot. A laboratory technician can analyze a sample to determine prothrombin time, or a patient can use a kit to do it at home. [ Other tests to measure clotting may be part of a diagnostic workup to get a complete picture of a patient's overall health and to identify specific issues of concern with his blood. Many clinics and hospitals can do this test in their own lab to rapidly provide results.In the prothrombin time test, the technician spins a blood sample to separate out plasma before adding calcium and thromboplastin. The technician sets a timer and waits for the blood to clot. In healthy people, it takes around 11 to 13 seconds. Many labs use a measurement called the international normalized ratio, comparing the lab's results to a control sample, to express prothrombin time values. Normal values fall between 1.0 and 1.4. Using a ratio allows doctors to interpret readings from different labs or different batches of thromboplastin consistently. ] (More)
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Asked 2/10/2013 5:19:15 PM
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