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Q: can i get pregnant with one ovary and one fallopian tube on opposite sides
A: A woman with one ovary usually has the same chance of getting pregnant as a woman with two. There are a few exceptions that can make getting pregnant more difficult. The remaining ovary must be attached to the remaining fallopian tube. [ If only an ovary and the opposite fallopian tube exist, it is much more likely that during ovulation, an egg will not pass down the fallopian tube. One with a
single ovary and a single fallopian tube that are not on the same side is also at higher risk for tubal pregnancies. If the fallopian tube and remaining ovary are both on the same side, another thing to look for is a regular period. If a woman continues to menstruate on a regular basis, this tends to be a good sign that the woman is ovulating and can get pregnant. Conversely, if periods are irregular or have stopped altogether this may signify that no ovulation is occurring, or that it is occurring on a very infrequent basis. Usually, doctors advise patients with either one ovary or two to try for at least 15 months prior to seeking advice from fertility experts. If pregnancy has not occurred in that time, both partners should be tested. Lack of an ovary does not mean that the woman is necessarily the partner with fertility challenges. ]
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Asked 4/10/2012 1:21:20 PM
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