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Q: Describe ways to ensure that own interactions with individuals respect their beliefs, culture, values and preferences.
A: Basic Guidelines to Culturally-Specific Interactions The following guidelines might be useful, especially if you are new to the organization. 1. [ Be aware of your personal biases, style, preferences, lens and focus. This is critically important for successful leadership in any type of culture. You make a major difference in your organization, whether you know it or not, just by exposing it to
your own nature and style of working. Thus, you need to understand your nature. 2. Realize that each part of an organization probably has a unique culture. For example, the secretarial staff might interact with each other in a manner quite different from that of the marketing staff. In larger organizations, there are often several differences, for example, between senior management and support staff. 3. Promptly convey to employees that you want to be sensitive to their culture. You should start in your first interaction with them. State that you recognize that different people might work differently depending on their own personalities and the culture of the overall organization. Ask them how you can understand the nature of their organization. ]
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Asked 2/8/2013 1:38:47 PM
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