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2.1: Describe the three steps of decontamination process.
Decontamination is carried out to prevent the spread of pathogens or other biological materials, [ which may cause disease in humans or animals. All Clinical and Biological waste and waste containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) should be decontaminated prior to disposal. Clinical and biological waste usually includes the following sub-categories: Laboratory and associated waste
directly involved in specimen processing; this category includes all specimens used for laboratory testing; cultures or suspensions of micro-organisms in tissue culture; used Petri dishes; culture bottles; disposable equipment, used gloves etc. This category includes wastes contaminated with or potentially contaminated with Risk Group 1 and Risk Group 2 microorganisms. Wastes contaminated with Risk Group 3 or 4 microorganisms are beyond the scope of these guidelines. Contact the for advice on decontamination of these agents. Human tissues including materials or solutions that contain free-flowing or expressible blood. Animal tissue or carcasses that are contaminated or suspected to be contaminated by pathogenic organisms. Prions A variety of decontamination methods are available. These include use of steam sterilisers (autoclaves), liquid chemicals (germicides, disinfectants), gaseous chemicals and vapours, radiation methods and sometimes a combination of these methods. The most effective decontamination method depends on several factors. Steam sterilisation is generally the preferred method, but it cannot be used for large spaces, surfaces, delicate instruments or large volumes of liquids. Chemical disinfection is often the most practical alternative ]
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describe how correct management of the environment minimises the spread of infection
Weegy: Infection control is the discipline concerned with preventing nosocomial or healthcare-associated infection, a practical (rather than academic) sub-discipline of epidemiology. [ It is an essential, though often under-recognized and under-supported, part of the infrastructure of health care. Infection control and hospital epidemiology are akin to public health practice, practiced within the confines of a particular health-care delivery system rather than directed at society as a whole. Infection control addresses factors related to the spread of infections within the health-care setting (whether patient-to-patient, from patients to staff and from staff to patients, or among-staff), including prevention (via hand hygiene/hand washing, cleaning/disinfection/sterilization, vaccination, surveillance), monitoring/investigation of demonstrated or suspected spread of infection within a particular health-care setting (surveillance and outbreak investigation), and management (interruption of outbreaks). It is on this basis that the common title being adopted within health care is "Infection Prevention & Control." ] (More)
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