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why does the ACL heal faster than the MCL, patella and the menisci?
Nuts, Bolts, & Duct Tape The knee joint is a large and complex joint. [ In fact, the human knee joint is very interesting because humans are the only animals to stand with an erect posture and bear their body weight through the fully extended knee joint. While most people mistakenly believe the knee is a simple hinge joint this is not true, there is actually a large amount of rotational
movement along with the traditional front-back motion. With bones, ligaments, and other body parts all contributing to the wide range of motion and the solid stability the knee joint can be broken down into its constituent parts and described but to fully understand the interactions of those parts a holistic view is necessary. The following explanation of the physiology of the knee will consist of three main categories: Bones of the Knee, The Menisci and Cartilage of the Knee, and The Ligaments, Capsule, and Synovial Membrane of the Knee. Within each of those categories the names, locations, and various attachments will be listed and referenced to pictures in the Physiology PhotoGallery. Also in each category, a description of the function of the knee will be given. Once the basic physiology is stated there will be a section looking at how the knee and all its parts might act together which will be followed by a Frequently Asked Questions area that will hopefully answer many questions that may come up along the way or in your own personal research. So let's get started!!! ]
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Asked 10/13/2012 10:47:16 AM
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Of the structures injured (patella, MCL, ACL, menisci), which will heal the fastest? Why?
Weegy: The answer is ACL next is MCL. (More)
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Asked 10/13/2012 10:43:27 AM
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