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Why is electron affinity expressed as a negative number while the ionization energy has a positive number in calculating the energy of ion-pair formation?
Electron affinity is the ability of an atom to hold an additional electron. If the atom has more tendency to accept an electron then the energy released will be large and consequently the electron affinity will be high. [ Electron affinities can be positive or negative. It is taken as positive when an electron is added to an atom. It is expressed as electron volts per atom (eV per atom) or kilo
joules per mole. Electron affinity depends on: Extent of nuclear charge Size of the atom Electronic configuration As a result of the gain in electrons, the atom gains one negative charge. In the case of halogens, all the elements have a high electron affinity, as they need one electron to complete the octect of their outermost shell. ]
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Asked 8/16/2010 4:14:21 AM
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What is the greatest number of valence electrons that can be shared between 2 main groups of atoms in the formation of covalent bonds? Is it possible to have a 100% covalent bond?
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8. Valence electrons are the outer ring of electrons. Once you get to 8 you start a new ring. There are some instances when this is untrue, but as a rule the answer is 8
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