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Q: “Don’t worry darling it as if you were born that way.” The woman said. My mother pushed something into my hand. Milk. I unscrewed the top and moved to pour it into my mouth but felt my mother’s hand
moving my arm as I almost poured the milk down my shirt. I tried to find my mother’s face in a sea of white but I couldn’t. The woman was right. I made the wrong choice. But you can’t blame me for not understanding the unexplainable. Especially when the unexplainable comes with a life. And a price. Chapter 3. Forward on. My hands reached for the fabric that Ahnika had lay out for me the day before. Well getting out of bed I tripped over my roommate or at least I thought it was my roommate. A groan came from somewhere in the room. I lay on what I hoped was the carpet and not the laundry. My roommate Cecelia or C.C for short grabbed me by the waist and hauled me up. I heard a yawn inside my head and Ahnika’s distinct voice “Morning honey!” Ahnika called out from inside my head. For a second my vision came into focus and I saw C.C. Short black hair pulled back into a sloppy bun, huge smile, and cocoa legs covered with gym shorts and a tank top covering her small chest. Then it went back to white. Ahnika did this for me every once in a while like when I started to forget what C.C looked like and every morning to see if I had done my makeup and stuff correctly. Over the past like two hundred years I haven’t aged a day. My red hair was still vibrant but my green eyes were no longer there. My entire eye was white. I walked to the corner of our one room apartment with Ahnika leading me. Out apartment consisted of one bed, one sleeping bag, pictures littering the wall, a microwave oven, a toaster, a mini fridge, two bowls, two plates, two forks, two knives, two spoons, one chair, a computer, and one shared cellphone. We traded off each week for who got the sleeping bag and who got the bed. I quickly changed into my school clothes as did C.C in the opisate corner. Ahnika flashed myself into my eyes and I smiled. I was wearing black jeans with a tee shirt for my favorite band. Ahnika guided my hands to do my hair and she straightend it. “Geez girl sometimes I forget you’re blind.” Said C.C. I chuckled. Ahnika was always nice to me. Except at new schools. At new schools she liked to lead me the wrong direction and all that stuff. Plus at new schools they gave me a ‘buddy’ that person had to read aloud everything for me. I sighed and grabbed my bathroom supplies from under the toaster. I burned myself on it and cried out. I stuck my finger in my mouth and C.C grabbed it and stuck it under cold water in the sink. She then continued to lead me to the bathroom that was on the story below us. I showered, brushed my teeth, then walked up stairs, waited for my hair to dry then straightened it again. “What time is it?” I asked my voice rough. “Seven thirty-four.” I sighed getting up and practically dragging myself to the door. I really didn’t want to go to school especially sense C.C went to work at twelve. “By Marie! Don’t get yourself run over.” I smiled as slipped out the door. I loved how C.C pronounced my name. She didn’t say Annaliese as I make everyone else but she rolled the r on Marie. My name was Annaliese-Marie Onika. I grabbed my backpack that hung on the doorknob and slipped it on. My cane hung off of my backpack all folded up and small. I rarely used it because someone usually walked next to me or Ahnika would tell me where to go. The rare times that I used it was usually when Ahnika fell asleep. I walked down the stairs gripping the railing tightly. I heard a soft snore coming from inside my head and knew that Ahnika had fallen asleep. I sighed. I got outside and onto the sidewalk before taking the cane off of my backpack to tap the area in front of me. I ran into Josh on my way to school and he hooked my cane back onto my backpack. He led me to school and in the doors. Josh was my best friend and he had been begging me to transfer to his school for months and I finally did. Hello first day. Josh flashed before my eyes. Ahnika was awake. Josh had blonde hair like C.C’s but it was all gelled. He was wearing a white leather jacket that cut off above his hips with lots of buttons and zippers on it, he had a hand made Tee on under it with one of his amazing drawings this one of me. He told me that he wore it all the time so most people already knew who I was. He had on gold skinny jeans and he topped it all off with his red sneakers. Josh was the most epic person I know. The drawing of me was down to the very last detail including my white eyes. I felt some fabric touch my arm and I realized he had slipped off his jacket. My arm was clenched around his and I had intertwined my fingers with his not really ready to be in a new school halfway through my junior year. I heard a voice. A soft feminine one that I guessed was directly in front of us. “Josh!” The voice trilled and I inwardly groaned. Josh had told me all about this girl. She was a cheerleader and the most stereo typical one I had ever heard of. She had her sights set on Josh the second he walked into the school. Most everyone knew he was gay but this girl refused to believe it. I could almost feel her eyes burning holes into our hands. “Joshie who is this?” She asked. “Sierra this is Annaliese-Marie. The girl on my shirt.” He said in his high-ish voice. “Oh!” She said quickly. Ahnika informed me that she had held her hand out to me but I ignored Ahnika for what seemed like the first time in my life. Josh guided my hand to Sierra’s. Sierra held her hand limp for a second before tightening it. “Hi I’m Sierra!” “Annaliese-Marie Onika.” Josh led me somewhere else. I felt my feet touch a different floor. I had cut out the part of my shoe where the palm of my foot was so I could feel where I was. Office Ahnika whispered. Josh sat me in a chair. “Excuse me.” I heard him say and I was left in the dark. “Yes?” Was the response although I had no idea of knowing where it was coming from. “I believe I requested to be the new students guide?” I heard the sound of papers rustling “Yes. But I’m sorry several other students asked and we decided to go with another student.” “Who is the other student?” “His name is Aiden Harman.” I heard a sigh coming from Josh then he grasped my hand and pulled me up. “She’s here.” “Oh. Nice to meet you Annaliese. We’ve been informed of your blindness and have made preparations so that this day will be very easy for you.” I smiled and nodded but felt Josh spin me a little. I most have just smiled at a wall. Chapter 4. Aiden Harman. There was the sound of soft footsteps on the ground then a voice “Uh is Annaliese-Marie in here?” Josh pointed me another direction “Yeah. Hi.” I said. I heard a small sound coming from Ahnika before she flashed me his picture. He was deathly pale with huge glasses and a beanie covering blonde hair that just barely poked out of his hat. He wasn’t all that good looking but I guess he was OK. I smiled lightly my pink lip stick illuminating my perfect teeth. I praised the invention of a toothbrush. I grabbed my schedule out of my backpack and felt over it the raised dots letting me read. “I guess I have History first with Mr. Venda?” I asked lightly and flashed the list. Josh poked me on the left shoulder blade signaling I was correct. I heard footsteps come closer. “Can you see at all?” Asked a voice from nowhere land. “No. Not even the tiniest bit. Everything is just white.” I said my rough voice expanding throughout the whole room. “Well then I guess I should show you your locker.” Josh pulled me into a tight hug and kissed my cheek before walking off. I heard footsteps stop somewhere near where the doorframe might be. “Don’t get run over by a car sweetie.” Then the footsteps started up again. I smiled. My friends said that whenever they left the room. For a long time I thought they were mocking the fact that it would be intensely easy for me to be run over by a car but I soon realized they were being sincere no matter how idiotic it sounded when said so much. I felt a hand colder then ice grip my wrist and lead me out of the room. I stumbled on a small step up out of the office but didn’t call Aiden out on it because it was apparent he had never lead a sightless person before. “Sorry I’ve never done this before.” He admitted. “It’s OK just make sure I’m not too far behind you or else I’ll run into something and make sure to tell me when we come to a step.” I said most likely talking to a wall. I knew one other blind girl and she never accidently talked to a wall. But I guess having Ahnika always tell me where to look made it so I didn’t really practice. The first day I met Ahnika I thought she was model-esque clad in her beautiful red wedding gown but I soon realized after I met her she was a little off. She fell asleep during my classes and in the halls, during the small job that I had she would talk with someone named Angelika on the phone and the worst part? It. Was. All. Going. On. Inside. My. Head. She lived there. I felt the hand let go and it felt as if all the blood rushed back. I ran into something hard and cold. My locker. I reached down to my lock and moved the Braille letter into place to form a word. It was an extremely long word but it made me feel more secure that no one would remember it after seeing it. The word or rather several words was Joshieccmarie. Joshie CC Marie. I opened my locker feeling around in it then remembering it was empty. I slid my backpack off my shoulders and unzipped it putting in my books encoded with my own secret language. I elegantly lined up my books in class order and then set my back pack inside. I felt the cold hands of Aiden brush against my arm lightly as he grabbed something and handed it to me along with three other things. “This is what we need for history.” I smiled and took it. I shut my locker quietly and heard a long bang right next to me and I jumped back lightly. “Geez skittish much?” I heard a disembodied voice. “She just didn’t see you Derek.” Aiden informed the boy, Derek. “I was right in front of her face.” “No she couldn’t see you.” Aiden said putting an emphasis on ‘couldn’t’. “Oh.” The voice said as if a light bulb had gone off. “Uh I’m Derek.” The boy said. “Annaliese-Marie.” I replied curtly and turned to walk to my next class. I felt my foot hit something solid then warm hands on my shoulders. Familiar hands. “Joshie.” I said a smile clear on my face. “Hey sweetie remember when I told you not to get run over?” I jutted my lip out a little and felt over the object in front of me. It wasn’t hard like a locker. It felt like it was moving. Josh pulled me back away from the object. I realized what was in front of me was a human. A male from the feel. “Hi fairy! Finally get yourself a girlfriend?” A rough voice asked. I felt one of Josh’s hands leave my shoulder then a groan Josh had punched the boy who was named Enrique I think and I only knew that because Josh told me all about his stupid bullies. Josh carted me away and my feet slid against the linoleum. My nose bumped my locker as I heard a very faint snore in my head. Stupid Ahnika. I felt the cold hand grip my wrist. I held tightly to my books with one hand as I stumbled along behind Aiden from the feel of his freezing hands. I heard a noise from behind me. Almost a muffled sound but I could just make it out. “By Darling don’t get run over.” I smiled. My feet felt something different almost squishy under my feet. A carpet and a gross one. Aiden carted my to a desk and he stood my there for a while before finally devising a plan to get me into my seat without me hitting my head on the edge of the table and dyeing (Although technically I can’t die until I get my true loves kiss and I can’t even feel pain till that moment in time. So generally I have to fake it whenever I injure myself.) He kind of shuffled me/pushed me. I made it anyway. For the time being Aiden sat next to me in every class and I was placed into every single class with him. I only had one period with Josh. Second period gym. My last class was art which was horrible because you try drawing with your eyes closed. One art class- one I excelled in. That was seventy something years ago before Ahnika started falling asleep on me. Aiden opened my journal for me and handed me a slip of paper with the notebook question on it. The question was easy. A get to know you type question. Probably for my benefit. Number of relatives, Peron(s) you currently live with and name(s), age(s), and occupation(s), favorite animal, favorite feature of yourself. I put my hand on my journal making sure the large bumps were there making sure I didn’t sway off the line. I knew how to write. Ahnika had taught me once. I labeled my paper. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1. Zero relatives 2. One person, Cecelia (C.C), 20, Romance novelist. 3. Giraffe (Or the Josh-a-sourus-rex (The most absurd tickle monster in the world)) 4. My blindness Annaliese-Marie Onika. 02-12-13, Mr. Venda History Period one. The rest of the period passed fast and finally I was changing into my gym clothes. They make you run a mile on the 12th of each month. Great day to come to school right? The fact that I can run faster than lightening and it took a sixty minute run for me to even begin to feel pain made for a good pair and I could run a mile in record time. As I walked upstairs onto the gym floor my muscles flexed and my abdominal muscles were outlined with my tank top. We had to take a seat so I took one next to Josh or rather he led me over to sit with him. I scooted close to Josh who exercised with me once every two days. He couldn’t run a mile in my time but he could do six minutes easy. We had to write down our goals for the mile like what time we had to finish it in. The teacher said not to write absurd goals like run it in three mins. But that’s exactly what I wrote. As we went around and said our goals the teacher gawked at me. “You’ll never reach that. I exercise every day and my mile time is six minutes.” “Let’s make a deal. If it takes me more than three minutes to run the mile I’ll show up every gym day gym clothes ready and I’ll participate in every activity with a cheerleaders attitude. If I run it in under three minutes I get to do whatever I want this period.” The teacher nodded and we shook. Josh led my out to the track and I took my position in the front. I could practically feel stares into my back. “Hey blind girl.” Said a satiny voice. Derek. “Bet you I can beat your time by a whole lap.” I snickered as the teacher blew the whistle and I took off. Most kids started at a slow pace to build up their strength. Josh ran with me for the first lap straining himself. He only ran with me so I could get a feel for the track. Josh informed me it had taken a minute for my first lap. My real goal was two minutes. I felt very slightly labored breathing behind me. Derek. I took off again not wanting to deal with him. I quickly lost him. Twenty seconds. Next lap done. Another twenty seconds. One more lap. My footing stumbled and as I caught my balance I started running again. I heard screams behind me but one stood out as Josh’s high voice yelling “Sweetie!” above the rest. The soles of my running shoes weren’t cut out so it made running very hard for me. I heard a strange noise as if tires were skidding on something. I felt a toned arm wrap around my waist pulling me back. I had wondered off the track. Derek informed me I had ten seconds to finish or else I wouldn’t finish in less than two minutes. I ran as hard as I could and a hand stopped me from running anymore. “You finished in 1 minute and 59 seconds. That’s Olympic!” The gym teacher exclaimed as he scribbled probably my time down on a piece of paper. He sent me to some grass to rest but I just continued running. I found Josh and ran alongside him the rest of the time cheerleading him. Finally after four more minutes of running Josh finished his mile in 5 minutes and 56 seconds. Josh moved to sit on the grass pulling me along behind him. I sat down and Josh explained to me how the other people were doing and that only three people were now sitting down other than them. Aiden, Derek, and a boy named Alex. My vision starting madding to black and I leaned back contemplating on how long it would take the slowest person. Most likely thirteen minuets. I lay my head in Josh’s lap and he started braiding my hair and putting rubber bands in every once in while. Slowly my vision faded to the only other color my world has truly ever been. Black. Chapter 5. Mute, pause, fastfoward. I felt embarrassed because a girl by the name of Rachel actually had to help me find my clothes and all that stuff. Not to mention the fact that another girl named Mae had to tie my shoe’s and tell me over and over that my hair looked great. Though I had no idea what Josh had done to it. I really hoped he hadn’t totally destroyed my chances of fitting in. Rachel and Mae made sure I didn’t fall down the stairs or anything as they led me to my next class. Math. The teacher gave me an assessment to figure out what I already knew. I already knew everything considering the fact that I’ve been to college twice and finished highschool more than ten times. I aced it even the problems that she randomly gave me from my old college textbooks. I turned it into her as I walked out the door running into a doorframe and not realizing it for a second holding my hand infront of myself. Stupid Ahnika leaving me to fight the wolves. I heard a voice like honey beside me warning me that he was going to touch my arm and not to be alarmed. I nodded as he led me out of the class questioning what class I had next. “Lunch of course.” I replied as Aiden’s cold hands fell on my wrist. He led me away from the strange person who had helped me and to my locker telling me to grab my lunch. I replied that I didn’t have one. Aiden sighed lightly but grabbed his and made his way to the doors leading to the outside tables. Josh wrapped his arms around me enveloping me in a huge hug. “C.C said she can take a break from her dramatically important manuscript and come have lunch with you here. She asked me if you would feel embarrassed about having her come invade your first day of school. I told her she sounded like a troubled parent and to come and when she gets here to act her own age. Was that the response you wanted me to give her?” Josh asked and I nodded. He continued that it would be about five minutes so he would take me to learn the basketball court first. He lifted me by the waist so I could feel how high the baskets where and he paced the court with me. As we got back to the lunch area I felt a new set of arms wrap around me. “Hey sweetie.” C.C said her raspy voice catching. She had writers block induced cold. I smiled. “Hey!” as Josh sat us down. “So!” C.C started and I stopped her right there. “Your twenty C.C. Not fifty seven.” “I heard a tray clatter down beside me and another one across from me next to C.C then another three a little farther away but still talking distance. I was totally in the dark- or ehm light, as white should be referred to. Josh whispered something in my ear. The girl next to me was Rachel, across from me was Mae, next to Rachel sat Derek her boyfriend (He told me also not to get confused by the fact that they shared the last name) Next to Mae was Aiden then farther down next to Derek was Alex who Josh had seen helping me out in math. Ahnika hadn’t shown me what Mae, Rachel, and Alex looked like yet because she was still sleeping and it was starting to annoy me. Rachel brought me back out of my thoughts with her chipper voice. “I’m running for student council president again! As I did in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade! I of course won every single election but this year we get to choose are vice presidents! And I choose Mae Mae! Mae you of course have no input…” Rachel dragged on and I put her on mute. Mae cut Rachel off mid sentence. “I think we neglected to realize that Annaliese-Marie doesn’t have any food.” Mae said her monotone ringing out through the whole table. I felt something pushed at me. “Here sweetie.” C.C’s voice said pushing a thermos of cold soup half finished against my hand. “We’ve got crackers at home.” Rachel nudged me “Who’s she.” “She’s C.C. My roommate and she’s only 20. Yet she really doesn’t act like it.” I said pulling the spoon of soup towards me. I moved to pour it into my mouth but cold hands stopped me and pushed the spoon up further then moved it to my lips. The hands left and a small yawn erupted from my mind. Ahnika was awake. I didn’t worry about that though I worried about who had helped me. “It was Aiden darling.” Ahnika whispered to me. “Hello Aiden.” I said and that earned a small hi from his direction. I looked in the direction of Mae. “Wanna see Mae Darling?” Ahnika asked her southern drawl pulling my attention away from the question at hand. I screamed yes into my head. Mae showed up in front of me. Purple hair into tight ringlet pigtails on the side and straight braids, dark brown almost purple eyes, and small pale features. Rachel was like a whole different world. She had a bubblegum pink on the top of her head that shaded into a blue pony, tan skin almost as dark as C.C’s, and hard stony features. Derek was as tan as Rachel with floppy black hair, Alex was normal with strawberry blonde hair and thick rimmed glasses. I looked down seemingly at my soup but I wasn’t necessarily looking at anything. I had two more gulps of soup and 15 carrots before we had to go outside and get some physical activity in before English. I hugged C.C tightly and she whispered that unforgettable line in my ear ‘By sweetie please don’t get run over by a stupid car.’ I smiled ‘See you tonight.’ Josh led me to the basketball court. We got a half an hour of time until we had to go inside. In my opinion that’s enough time to single handedly beat the soccer team, the basketball team, and the football team. First I was gonna just play teams with basketball because I knew the court but now I could play everything because Ahnika could show me what everything looked like. My coordination had been perfected for more then two hundred years. I was amazing. We started with the basket ball team. The kids crowded around me against the basketballers with Josh on the sidelines to tell me when I was off. I looked over at him for a second as people screamed bets. As of now I was winning 15 packs of gum, $504, and 3 cats? What? We started and I let the basketballers get ahead by five points acting like I had no idea as to what I was doing. I had the basketball and I could feel vibrations in the basketball court going into my feet. They had me surrounded. I smirked. Flash. I was ten half a court away from either hoop. Since I was a one man band the team said I could move around as much as I wanted and so I vaulted myself up so my hand was on someone’s head and I was doing a perfectly straight one handed hand stand before I did a backflip maneuvered the basket ball to me feet and it was going into the hoop or atleast it was once Josh had yelled to the right. But it still went in. From that point on I dominated over basket ball and then the same in soccer. We surprisingly had fifteen minuetes left and Josh informed me I was against Alex, Derek, Rachel, and Aiden for football whereas the rest of the team kind of peeved out. It was 5 to 5 and I was just about to score again when I was intercepted. I ran into Derek and he and I were knocked back. It sounded like Derek only just fell but I was knocked back a few feet with incredibly force. My head hit the ground and I could hear an audible thump. I sat up dazed for a second. I felt a hot liquid seeping down my forehead then it started seeping from my nose, then my lip, and finally a gash inbetween my shoulder blades. I heard the sound of vomit from the direction of the football team although I didn’t know who it was. I felt smooth hands slide under me as I felt tears stream down my face. It took twenty pounds of force applied to me stomach to make me wince once. I don’t know how this was happening unless I was… No I couldn’t be. The only time my immortality starts to wear is when I’m around the one. Ahnika said they didn’t have to be near me. Infact they can be atleast seven city blocks away. But that isn’t what I thought as I heard a small whimper. At first I didn’t know where it was coming from but then they grew louder. It was me. I burst out crying. No I was outright balling. I was pulled against someone’s chest obviously male and I curled up in the warm arms. It felt right to do this so I continued crying into the persons shirt slicking them with blood. I felt cool hands on my face and then Josh’s voice. Slightly catching as if he was forcing back tears himself. “Baby? Are you OK?” Came Josh’s whispered voice and for once I didn’t hear Ahnika in the background telling me what to do. I had my arms tightly clenched around my mystery guy’s neck. I nodded into his chest. “I can take her Alex.” Josh offered. “No I got it. She’s surprisingly light what does she even eat?” He joked lightly walking toward what I could only guess was a door. No teacher had noticed the current perdiciment to busy with other things. “Nothing.” Josh replied sullenly. I felt the grip suddenly tighten. No I just didn’t need to eat. A perk of being immortal. Food didn’t really digest or what ever.I was still only 97 pounds but I couldn’t gain weight or loose anymore. C.C once took me to the doctor and he actually said that. So it is true. I heard a sharp intake of breath probably from a teacher or a student who had stumbled accros us. When we were out side I had heard the whisp of fabric and knew that any blood I dripped was being dripped on Josh’s black hoodie. So we were probably quite a sight. A boy holding a bloodsoaked sweatshirt, another boy with a probably bloody face and carrying an extremely bloody girl. I heard rushed footsteps beside us as Josh told someone to tell the nurse to get ready. “Hey what are you kids doing…” Mr Venda the history teachers voice trailed off seeing me. “Oh geez said.” Your taking her to the nurse. That’s good. Carry on. I felt myself being set down on a very uncomfortable bed that belonged to the nurse. But there was undoubtedly something over it so I wouldn’t get blood on it. Another sharp intake of breath and my crying hadn’t stopped I sighed. Chapter 6. Nothing. Tears. I have never cried. Not ever. But I had still curled up in that boys arms letting my emotions get the better of me. I cried out as the nurse had to take my shirt off leaving me in a tank top. I didn’t need to be hospitalized and no stitched but I would probably miss the rest of the school day. My tank top swooped down low in the back. So low that I wouldn’t really wear the tank top around but it was perfect for the nurse. Josh and Alex had to get out and the nurse pulled shirt fibers from the cut then put a huge band-aid on my back telling me not to move much. I walked to my locker tears still pouring down my face as I was only in my tank top which by the way swooped down to were my stomach began in a V. I guess you could say I was just barely in there. I grabbed my stuff as the bell rang and I was still getting my books in my back pack I wiped my eyes glad the nurse had let me wipe the makeup off. Ahnika was asleap again and that annoyed me. My bare back showed to the world as I pulled my backpack onto the shoulder with the least amount of bandage on it. I popped a stick of gum I my mouth and turned to walk away already having this procedure down. I felt strangely warm hands on my shoulders and a bony chin resting on head. Josh. “Bye Josh.” I said putting one of my hands over his. He slid his hand out and squeezed mine muttering a goodbye and I heard him get far away then a small sentence. You know. That one everyone says to me. Something odd was infront of me. Something like a furnace that was even hotter then Josh. I could only think of one thing or rather person capable of being hotter then Josh. Derek. “Whimp. I came out of the little accident unscathed. I wouldn’t just call you a whimp without reason so here is my surefire reason. I ran every simulation in my head. Comparative to your mile time it is physically impossible for you to be seriously hurt. The only simulation that worked was if your skin was paper thin and that’s extremely rare among people who can run a mile in under six minuets. But maybe…” Derek pinched my skin almost lightly between his nails but I still felt a teeny tiny stream of blood. Almost like my skin wasn’t sure. Derek let go of me and his footsteps also disappeared as the bell rang and I walked outside. The next two weeks passed uneventfully and C.C finished her first novel and had sent it into the editor. Two more days before we either moved out of this stupid apartment or got downgraded to half room apartment with only one of each utensil. I pushed my rag across the table at the diner I worked at. Well actually it was more of a tea shop but I loved it all the same. It was small and usually it was packed so they kept me to simply making coffee’s. A job that was physically impossible for me to mess up. Just like my scrapes. The only time that my skin gets like thin is when ‘The one just for me’ is near. Or so Ahnika tells me. “Honey?” I hear Ahnika coo into my ear. “Yeah?” I answer silently. “Don’t burn yourself! You know you skin is getting thinner. If you continue at this rate if you don’t find the one just for you by the time you’re a senior simply tying your shoes will make you bleed.” I moved my hand to the counter and instead of just reaching for the coffee pot I felt for it. “Oh and I sort of have to go to a little conference… For a couple years…” I dropped the coffee pot and heard it clank against the floor. I could practically feel everyone’s eyes on me. Bethany Thawl my co-worker/the owner rushed to me saying over and over “It’s OK darling! Are you OK?” I nodded absentmindedly as I bent down to find the coffee pot in the sea of white. Bethany picked it up for me her long legs creaking as she went down. Beth ordered me to sit in a booth with Nadia Vange Aka N.V, Envy. Beth was 6’7 with a beautiful dark chocolate complextion and curly light brown hair. Envy was naturally tan with pale orange hair and she was actually quite short. Twenty-three and just bordering 5’5. Envy pushed her miso soup towards me. It was the soup of the day. The tea shop was called lotus and it’s maximum occupancy was about twenty-five if you had no personal space issues. Around noon we get about thirty people in here. That’s why I was glad I worked from four til ten on Mondays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays. It closed at 9:30 but I had to clean until ten then if I didn’t have any homework I would hang out with everyone who works here until eleven or twelve. Once we stayed until one but then Bethany got mad at us. Fifteen people work here and two people work each shift. Were closed Sunday, we open at ten in the morning, and each shift is about five hours except for one shift that’s only one hour but that person has to do all the deliveries and stuff. I leaned back in the booth and drank the soup. It would just sit in my stomach though because my body didn’t change sense I was going to be sixteen for a long while. Four more years at the most… Unless I move. Once in a while my stomach would get to filled up and that caused some minor problems because if I just didn’t eat people would get on my back. I slurped the soup down quickly then went back behind the counter and Beth informed me it was a half an hour until closing then we would all meet back here at eleven to pull an all nighter. This was the first time we had ever done this and everyone was really excited because a concert was playing tonight a block away and we could hear it if we slept here. I promised Josh I would bring him and I also decided to bring Alex sense he’s been so nice to me. I made the last few coffee’s and we herded people out as I got to work with the dishes. It usually took me about a half an hour to do those because I had to be really careful not to break anything. I put on something- anything other than my pink work outfit. “Ahnika?” I called out knowing CC was gone with her editor. No response. “AHHHHNNNIIIKKKAAAA!” No response. “Come on Ahnika I’m serious about this one!” No response. I felt through my closet and pulled out what I hoped was my silver jeans and my Josh customized T shirt that read Florence+ the machine on the back and on the front it said I am done with my graceless heart. I heard a knock on the door as I was putting my hair into a pony tail. I yelled through the door “Who is it?” “Um… Alex…” Undoubtedly. I opened the door wide after grabbing my pink backback with my overnight stuff in it totally not caring about shoes. Alex took in my sight “What about shoes?” I shrugged and walked onto the plush carpet. Alex led me down stairs after thanking me for inviting him and admitting that he’s never been to Lotus. I stumbled once on a rock but soon enough we were there and I was fumbling with my keys. I pulled open the door and padded in. I was sweeped off my feet and I squeeled loudly like a little girl. “Edwardo!” I screamed and he held onto me tighter as I felt myself being moved. Edwardo was sitting in a chair and I scrambled up falling onto something. “OH! Honey you OK?” I heard Macensi’s voice coo. I righted myself and nodded calling out for Alex. He was at my side almost instantely. “OK! Ten people work here! You already know Josh of course and me so that leaves you with eight names to learn. I grabbed Edwardo by the ear and pointed to him reciting his name eight times. Edwardo was about twenty seven with died white hair a small green gages. I pointed to Macensi and Makensi and recited their names seven times. Mac and Mak were identical twins from birth but they made themselves oppisates. Mak had turquoise hair and dressed in almost completely red orange whereas Mac dressed in almost completely turquoise and had red orange hair. I introduced everyone else as Josh slipped into the Lotus and snuck up behind me pulling me into a tight hug. I pulled away quietly then smiled at him and walked down to the bathroom to brush my teeth and all that stuff. All the other girls had already done that. I felt along the wall and my hand caressed a small bump. The wall paper changed. I was near the stairs leading to the bathrooms. I was very catious because Ahnika was being a jerk tonight and she usually helped me with stairs. She always helped me with stairs. I didn’t know how to be blind because with Ahnika in the picture that wasn’t an option. I stood at the edge of the stairs for a while. “Sweety you OK?” I heard several voices call out and I answered back with a simple raspy yeah as I took a step down the stairs. My shoelace got caught. Chapter 7. Sickening… CRA-A-A-ACK! I went down the staris and I felt several things being smashed and cracking and gross sounds. I screamed a high pitched deafening shriek as I tumbled down the twenty concrete steps to land at the very bottom straight out on my back. “Annaliese!” One person yeled and another yelled “Marie!?” I heard footsteps on the rock steps and then my vision pinpricked. I screamed again. Black. I hated black. Chapter eight. Yin Yang. I screamed thrashing and hurting and aching. A dull buzzing went off and strong hands held me down. My eyes opened. White. I screamed again. And again. And again. Where was I? It smelled sanitary. “Honey It’s Josh can you calm down for me?” Josh cooed into my ear coaxing me to stop and hear my heart beat to the rythym of some annoying beeping sounds. Beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep beep beep beep… beep…beep. “Josh where am I?” “Oh I’m sorry honey this must be scary… You’re in a hospital. You took a nasty fall down the stairs at Lotus and you’ve been here for about a week.” “What’s wrong with me.” Josh chuckled though I didn’t know why. “Fractured wrist, popped your knee out of its socket, hundreds of bruises, three broken fingers, and six broken toes. I;m just glad you’re OK.” He said pulling me into a frail hug. “Leave?” “Their going to release you soon OK?” I nodded and my head fell weakly back on the pillow. I woke up again to the sound of keys on a typewriter. CC. “CC?” I called out. “Oh Annaliese-Marie you’re awake!” I nodded again and called for Ahnika in my head. She didn’t come. “Are we in the apartment?” “If you mean the apartment as in our upgrade then yes!” CC proclaimed and I smiled lightly. “What day is it?” “Monday! Wait no it’s been Tuesday for a good three hours now.” “Man I’ve missed a ton of school!” “The Doctors said to take it easy so you don’t have to go.” “Psh like I’d attempt to flunk highschool! Now where’s my stuff!?” “What do you want?” “Toiletrees, clothing, directions to the bathroom!” I heard some shuffling then CC led me to the bathroom that surprisingly was in the apartment itself. “Don’t try to shower you have several casts and your broken toes have healed amazingly fast so you’re good to go. Girl you heal almost like magic. Magic. Exactly. CC had to personally escort me to school. We lived closer but I still didn’t know how to get their. I sat in Social studies listening to the teacher well also paying attention to every ache and pain in my body. God there was a lot of them! Ring. Up. I went to my locker swiftly and opened it with precision. No Josh or Alex or Mae or Rachel popped up behind me as I grabbed my stuff. All except Derek. “Annaliese?” I ignored him. “Annaliese-Marie?” “Yes?” I replied. “Sorry.” He mumbled quickly and it took me a while to understand but finally I nodded acknowledging his presense. “Hey be kind smart Alec.” Came a sharp high voice from inside my head. Not Ahnika. “What?” I asked inside my hand as I walked to my next class. “I’m Ahnika’s fill in my name is Joshua.” I smiled lightly at that as I set my book down. “Ahnika’s is gone?”
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