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Explanation of the poem coromandel fishers
Ans 1- The fishermen sometimes face danger from formidable enemies like storms,rains and thunderstorms.Moreover after the sunset the sea gets very rough.At this time the fishermen's boats toss up and down.Thus the fishermen face formidable dangers [ when they go out to the sea. Ans 2- In the morning the blue skies were getting little sun rays. It seemed as if they were praying to the morning
light to lighten them up. At this point the sunlight had just begun to illumine the skies. The wind that had blown hard all night was calm at that time. At this time the voice of the fisherman caliing out to his companions fills the air.This was the morning scene at the sea shore. Ans.3- The life on the shore is a luxury for the fishermen for there they enjoy the shade of the coconut trees and the sweet fragrance of the mango trees. The fishermen find the sands on the shore beautiful on a full moon day and they love the calm and gentle voice of thee sea. Even though the life on the sure is luxurious for them they prefer the dangers of the sea for they enjoy the spray on their face and the froth of the wild sea. Thus,they prefer the dangers of the luxuries on the sea shore. HOPE I HELPED HAVE A NICE DAY. ]
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Asked 9/10/2012 6:06:40 AM
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