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The rhythm of the opening statement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is A. s-L-s-L. B. L-s-s-s. C. s-L-s-s. D. s-s-s-L.
The entire piece is in 3/8 time and offers no contrast in the meter, however the piece never lacks the feeling of motion and drive. The A and B sections of the piece consist almost solely of moving sixteenth notes. [ [ The sixteenth notes offer a spinning, spiraling quality to the melody. The return to these passages adds a sense of movement and unity to the work. These sections are
contrasted by the C, D and Transition sections. The C section mixes slower moving rhythmic values and offers the ornamentation of a few beats of thirtysecond notes. The first transition elaborates on the thirtysecond note motives of the C section. It also increases the speed of and enhances the spinning quality of the A and B sections. The D section (including D'), brings an emense contrast to all other sections of the piece by maintaining the sixteenth note drive in the bass while slowing down the rhythmic values in the right hand to, in some cases, fill the entire measure with one rhythmic value. The second transition brings the listener back to spirling feeling, this time using sixteenth note triplets rather than straight sixteenth notes. This line is punctuated by sixteenth notes which fall on beats one and three of each measure. ] ]
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