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list 4 activities that each encourage balance, coordination, gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination?
By using their hands to manipulate a variety of materials, children can help develop coordination and dexterity. Try encouraging your child to roll Play-Doh into balls or cut it with a plastic knife. [ Tearing or cutting paper and scrunching it into balls builds hand strength. Thread beads or pasta shapes onto string to improve eye/hand coordination. You could even have your child create an
edible necklace by stringing Cheerios onto licorice sticks. Perform finger plays together and encourage your child to imitate your finger actions. Let your child use tweezers to move small beads from one container to another. You can expand this activity to include pennies, marshmallows, buttons or other objects and include it in a counting game. Lacing cards help increase the finger dexterity and coordination children will use to tie shoes. Using stickers to create pictures on a sheet of paper, see if children can make shapes or commonplace objects such as houses or trees. Playing with water squirters thrills most children and builds coordination, dexterity and strength. Give your child a spray bottle and let him or her water indoor or outdoor plants. You can also let your child spray the water onto a marker drawing to create a messy masterpiece. Gross Motor Skills Dancing help boosts your child's coordination and large motor motion. It's also a great way to burn off extra energy. By encouraging children to cross their midline when they dance by moving their arms and legs across their middle to the opposite side, you ensure they use both side of their brain to coordinate the movement. Read more: Activities to Promote Fine Motor & Gross Motor Skills | ]
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