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Q: Prepare a short report on how your chosen place of work / study promotes (communicates) policies and practices for equality and diversity to employees and external stakeholders (such as customers
and the community). Provide specific examples
A: For the short report: I wrote about how the manager makes sure all staff read the P&Ps and how I as creche leader make sure my staff do (eg temp staff). [ So for CMing how do you share policies with parents, children, others who work with you, network people, off-steed I wrote about the manager asking us to do specific training - what training do you do? How do you communicate this to others?
How do you communicate changes in your ploicies or in legislation? How do you know there have been changes? When might you need to change them? (eg if there was an incident) I then wrote about how we care the policies with families - in the Center's case brief notes of some are on display (eg. having a no smacking policy) and details on how to see the full version available. For the next question I was a bit cheeky and pointed out that breech refers to birth, and they might mean breach..... I wrote this: "The Children’s Center aims to create an environment where all people are equally welcome, valued and treated. Failure to do so, towards employees, potential employees, volunteers or center users (or through advertising, eg by deliberately or accidentally excluding some people from certain activities) would result in certain sanctions. For a more minor offence, such as a flyaway comment by a service user or staff member, a verbal warning and a chat from the manager (or, in the Creche, from me as the creche leader, although I would pass any concerns on to the manager too) and further monitoring of behavior would suffice. However, for more serious breaches (NB ‘breech’, as in the question above, refers to the lower part of the human trunk, hence ‘breech birth’ – it may be an idea to suggest that gets changed!) and in policy, codes of practice or guidelines disciplinary action may be required, such as being asked to leave the center on a temporary or even permanent basis, equally relevant to staff or center users. Serious breaches may also result in legal action being taken against the perpetrator." ]
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Asked 7/16/2013 9:54:55 AM
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