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Why does clotaldo protect rosaura in life is a dream
in life is a dream why does clotaldo protect rosaura? Answer: he recognizes the sword she carries
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User: why does clotaldo protect rosaura?

User: Why does clotaldo protect rosaura in life is a dream

Weegy: in life is a dream why does clotaldo protect rosaura? Answer: he recognizes the sword she carries
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Asked 3/9/2013 11:11:46 AM
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Why does clotaldo protect rosaura in lif is a dream
Weegy: The context within itself is very different for Clotaldo is telling Rosaura to leave to a place of refuge because civil war is about to break out. [ Hamlet is telling, in an insulting manner, to leave the kingdom and go join a nunnery/brothel (depending on how you think it should be interpreted). But isn’t Hamlet only telling Ophelia that because he cared about her? I guess whether or not the context is different depends on how you view Hamlet. If you think that Hamlet was insane and was just blurting out whatever he thought would be hurtful, then maybe he wasn’t trying to protect her. However, if he was sane, he may have only been trying to communicate that she leave the kingdom for it was no longer safe; Ophelia was just too stupid to see that. I guess that this depends on your reader-response. We know that Clotaldo is saying this to protect his daughter. She, however, does not want to be protected, she wants vengeance, what rightfully belongs to her. ............... ] (More)
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Asked 3/9/2013 11:13:39 AM
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