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Q: summary of poem ' the tale of melon city by vikram seth?
A: Best Answer - Chosen by Voters At the following link scroll down to page 41 and you will get a little explanation which is unsatisfactory to me. [ As the author says in this article, "the poet deals with human relationship, mostly paternal but often verging on love." Also sensitivity to nature, sense of loneliness and many other feelings relevant to the poem are mentioned in this page. Refer to
page 33 of the same article. My own explanation would be as follows- but need not be authentic. The evening refers to advancing age and daylight represents youth. At the evening of life the poet reviews the love he had experienced in his youth. He doesn't want to continue experiencing the sentimental attachments(inconsistent tenderness.) Love consumed a lot of valuable time and cannot be repeated when we want. It is a natural occurrence which cannot be reconstructed. In youth, it seemed correct and in the end it had to be terminated. Now that the lovers are growing old, they realise it was untenable. Now they are no longer lovers and so feel free, separate and equal.- -A rediscovery of self, identity. As night sets in he also realises that though the love does not exist any more, it has left its indelible mark on his mind.. He feels lonely, listening to the sad movements of the birds and watching the lusterless stars. He feels the presence of his lover, though she is no longer with him personally,and wishes to feel her unseen hand to take his hand and annul or end their earlier choice to go their separate ways. The last lines express his intense desire to be with his lover for evermore. ]
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Asked 2/9/2012 8:53:01 AM
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