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True or false? When determining the taxon based on morphology, a scientist is relying on genetic similarities
This statement is TRUE.
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User: True or false? When determining the taxon based on morphology, a scientist is relying on genetic similarities

Weegy: This statement is TRUE.
paral|Points 2823|

User: The currently used binomial nomenclature was developed by _____.

User: The taxon species may be defined by reproductive isolation and _____.

Weegy: It is the ability to interbreed (in nature) and produce viable offspring.
sharpies|Points 8596|

User: The word which means to cut into two parts is _____.

Weegy: CUTS=Center for Urban Theological Studies , If this is not what you are looking please provide more info
Controler|Points 3519|

User: The first case of using two words as a scientific name _____.

Weegy: The first term in a scientific name is the genus of a species. The second term is the specific name of that species. For example, the domesticated dog's name is Canis familiaris, with Canis denoting the canine genus. [ If this is not right can you please provide me the exact question? ]
MoStWaNteD|Points 2641|

User: A division is always associated with _____.

User: true or false Any problem of inquiry can be proved or disproved using the scientific method.

User: A sorting device that is useful in classifying by observation is a _____.

User: If a hypothesis is supported by several experiments, it may become a(n) _____.

User: The language used in taxonomy is _____.

Weegy: Latin language used in taxonomy.
sujaysen|Points 2799|

User: Which characteristics are always present in all living organisms?

Weegy: . All living things reproduce, feed, move, use their senses, produce waste, respire and grow. If they they can't do even one of these things they can't be classed as living!
japs2310qa|Points 1969|

User: true or false Scientists have a standardized definition of life.

User: Energy in organisms is called _____.

Weegy: Energy in organisms is called? homeostasis
awbi371|Points 110|

User: tre or false Only a living organism exhibits all of the characteristics of life.

Weegy: That's true.
Expert answered|Fanboy|Points 2781|

Asked 11/2/2012 6:18:55 AM
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